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The hubby and I are firm believers in eating well. I am not just talking about good, whole foods…but always having our house stocked for our family. I wanted to create a post about what is in our cart when we grocery shop so here we go!!

First things first, we. love. COSTCO. Buying in bulk is so convenient, especially when you are buying things that you eat every day. One Costco trip generally lasts us 2 weeks. Above is a whole lot of good eats; lean protein in the chicken, egg whites and salmon patties. The salmon patties are a good switch up when chicken gets “ehhh” (which can happen often). Salmon is packed with Omega-3 fat and protein. These patties are fast and easy to make and Noelia loves them! We go through a lot of fruit in a week so Costco is also our go-to for that, plus it tastes the best to me.

Above is a quick grocery hall from my lunch break during the week. We try to make our weekends fun and enjoyable for our daughter (no cleaning, household errands), so I utilize my lunch breaks to get the “wifey” stuff done during the week so weekends are allll play :).

You see oatmeal, an RXBAR (to. die. for.), Halo Top ice cream, and some fruit. Noelia isn’t the greatest milk drinker so we try to incorporate foods that help hit her dairy and fiber, so oatmeal is a great option. We usually give her half the packet and mix it with milk. RXBAR’s are a great on-the-go snack/meal option. It is all true, whole ingredients and tastes like something you threw together yourself. You can find the nutrition here. The macros are PERFECT and it comes with great fiber. Post to come on what “macros” are and the importance of fiber!

We absolutely love these in our house. They are an easy and fast breakfast option and I even take them to work with me during the week. They are 8 fat, 24 carb, and 17 protein and delicious! Its always a double score when Noelia loves the things we love, too. “Samwich, Mama??” 🙂 Jimmy Dean makes other sandwich flavors but these are the most macro friendly in my opinion.

Another great, fast option (and Noelia’s favorite snack!). Belvita’s come in many flavors but the Golden Oat is our favorite. It may be too plain for others, but it allows the option for a perfect spread like peanut butter. We put these in Noelias bag for on-the-go ALL the time.

Where are my fitness competitors at?! If you have ever competed, you have probably had your fair share in these bad boys. I absolutely love them. They are fast, easy carbs and are perfect for any post-workout. Caramel is my favorite but sometimes I splurge and get the chocolate ones (those are a little higher in fat and carbs). These are 0 fat 11 carb 1 protein.


I discovered Vita Tops during my last prep and you cannot go wrong with the macro and fiber content! I paired these with nonfat frozen yogurt and it was like my little treat for the day. They come in other flavors but I am a total chocolate girl. These are 1.5 fat, 26 carb, 4 protein and 10 fiber! Seriously worth a try.


We get this pasta at Costco and it is a must try! It is packed with protein and fiber and tastes delicious. I usually top it with light pasta sauce and mix with diced chicken. Nutrition shown below. Always, always check your labels and serving sizes.




Then there’s the essential yummy-ness! We love Outshine products. Everything tastes like real ingredients, which is how food should be. These are 11 carb, 5 protein per one which is the perfect snack when you’re feeling something sweet.


And that’s all for this post! I will be posting more grocery runs and foods we love in the future. Please let me know if you guys like these types of posts and what you would like to see nutrition-wise from me! I will be posting about what a ‘macro’ is, importance of fiber, and other diet tips/tricks soon.






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