Pencil Me In

I am always a sucker for a good red lippie and a OTS shirt. It screams S U M M E R to me. Living in the good old Midwest can limit you on when you can break out your favorite Summer style. Its either freezing, raining or just WAY too hot. So when I get to wear my favs, I go all out–Mama style ;). 

Loving this skirt from PoshShop and this similar top from Forever 21.

My mom is the queeeeen of a good pencil skirt. Ever since I can remember, my Mama always dressed up. Even if it was just to the grocery store, my mom always said “You never know who you will run into so always have your face on and look hot”. Ha! That sentence right there perfectly describes her. 🙂 Im thinking a post about my amazing Mama needs to happen in the future!

These shoes are a good Marc Fisher dupe, you can find them here, and they come in black, too! Definitely purchasing those in the future. They are so comfy!

I have linked similar styles below, be sure to check them out-they are all a STEAL!

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