Weekend Casual

There is just something about weekend Summer mornings. My husband and I love to take our daughter out on Saturday mornings to run a few errands and to do something fun with her. We are both full-time working parents so we LIVE for our weekends. Luckily, my husband has more availability in the Summer’s since he is a teacher, so Noelia gets some good quality time with her Daddy!

I have a more casual job, so I utilize my weekends and days off to really wear my Nicky style ;). I usually opt for a good statement shirt like this one here paired with some nice wedges or heels like these. I found this pair for $40  which are almost identical to my Steve Maddens!

And lets be honest, some days just do not work in our favor when it comes to getting ready with a full-blown toddler! I have such thick hair that I need a good 10-20 minutes to style it. Some mornings it just doesn’t workout so a hat is the perfect accessory for me. I got this one a few years ago at Urban Outfitters. I also like this one, and this hat  is on my list of future purchases.

These boyfriend jeans are my absolute favorite. They are from a local online shop called Foi. Check them out, ladies! Their clothes never disappoint. My clutch is from Target years ago, but I am also lovvvving this one here.

Love the ruffle detail on this top and its a steal for under $20! It has been so hard to not buy every top I see with ruffle! The struggle… 🙂

Check out the links below for similar styles from this look. Would love to hear your ladies favorite weekend wear pieces!

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