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Life is crazy over here at Casa de La Schmaderer. From juggling full-time jobs, my husband working on his Masters, house renovations, and to raising a fierce toddler, we are ALWAYS busy. Despite the packed calendar these days, we always try our best to squeeze in little trips and family time. I have been going to Kansas City every Summer since I was a teenager and once I met my husband we kept the tradition ourselves and now bring our daughter every year.

Here is a picture round-up of our little getaway!

Road-trippin’ with a toddler is no joke, y’all! Noelia mayyyybe naps for 1.5 hours of the trip then is up and at em’ as soon as she wakes up. We stopped to grab some Chick-Fil-A and to stretch our legs. As you can see, Noelia runs the show over here. Her flutter onesie is from a local shop called My Little Lainey. 

First things first, S H O P P I N G. Daddy duty pushing Noelia in her stroller. We have this one here  and absolutely love it. It’s a jogger and rides really smooth. It clicks to an infant car seat which is really nice when they are little babes! Mommy approved. 🙂 Legends is the outlet mall in Kansas City and it is a MUST.

Miss Wild-Hair peekin’ out 🙂

And PIZZA after a long day (Noelia’s request). 

Get it, girl. Of course we always nibble on her leftover food! So hard not to, am I right?!

Annnnnd Good Morning! We had been telling Noelia the day before that were going to a big pool on the trip and this girl woke up excited!! Noelia LIVES outside, so going to the pool with her is always fun. We have been teaching her how to kick her feet and how to get comfortable going under the water, so we think she was definitely excited to practice some more! Momma spoiled her here by breakfast in bed. Milk, Fruit-Loops, and waffles–breakfast of Champs! 

We went to Schlitterbahn Waterpark and we have no cons to say about this place. The staff was so friendly and even let us in early! The park is kept very clean and there are plenty of staff members walking around if you ever need help or have a request. You are able to bring in your own cooler which is really nice considering we like to eat pretty lean and have plenty of water on hand.

My ruffle top  was a steal from Forever 21 for only $4! Like what?! My bottoms are from Victoria Secret a few years ago but sadly they don’t make their swim line anymore. 

She is definitely her Father’s daughter! Allll Daddy.

I have linked our swim pieces and similar styles below. 

After Noelia had her nap, we freshened up and headed to Nordstrom’s over at Overland Park’s Mall. I still think that it is INSANE Nebraska doesn’t have a Nordy’s! Hoping that one day they will come to the Cornhusker state.


We came across the Kansas City Crossroads District which is essentially a whole area of mural walls and just really dainty little shops. It is the perfect area to just walk around and snap some pics, so we did! I fell in love with this wall and had to grab a few shots.

Little Miss always on the go. Noelia’s romper is from The Gap. You can find it here  in a similar style. 

Loved my casual look for the day. All of my pieces are under $50 and definitely worth it. This look is definitely part of my “mom-uniform”. 🙂 Everyone always asks me what my bar necklace represents and it’s actually Noelia’s birthday in roman numerals. Brody purchased it from Jays & Jewels. I have worn it proud everyday since Mother’s Day 2016. Thanks, hubby!

Probably our favorite place to visit and shop at while we are in KC is the Country Club Plaza. It’s a strip of stores, boutiques and restaurants and the architecture and vibe is insane. Every time I go I fall even more in love with the area. Everything has a cute Spanish vibe to it–almost like you are in another country! We love how active this part of town is, also. There are joggers every where and plenty of pups to ‘ooo’ and ‘awwww’ at (especially Noelia!). I could just L I V E in this part of town.



Lunchin’ with  my girl. This picture just gets me…she looks so big. How do they grow this quick?! Slow down, baby girl. Your momma’ just isn’t ready to see you grown up.

I had to snap a pic on these mosaic stairs. I eyeball them every year and I finally took the time to do it! Outfit details linked below.

Kansas City, you are always SO good to us. Your vibe is infectious and the atmosphere is so inviting. I look forward to the many more memories to make with you in the future. I would love to hear from you all about your favorites places to travel in the Summer for a getaway! And for my KC lovers, where are your favorite places to go? 

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