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Today’s workout is all about legsss….yass!!! I don’t know about y’all, but I absolutely love leg day. Leg day is probably the most hated workout day along with cardio but this girl loves it. My legs, specifically my butt and hamstring area, naturally hold a lot of body fat, so I am constantly at a war with these babies. 

This workout is similar to one I have done at home many times and I am always walking on my toes the next day! Get ready to feel them wheels burn, HERE. WE. GO.!

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My hat // My shirt // My leggings // My shoes



What you’ll need: one heavy dumbbell, two lighter dumbbells, one medium resistance band 

If you do not own heavy dumbbells, get creative! Use a heavy sand bag or fill a bag/backpack with rocks. Anything will work that you will be able to hold between your legs comfortably. 


*Stretch well*

20 walking body-weight lunges each leg

30 second mountain climbers

20 body-weight squats

Repeat X3

1. Froggers (what I call them). You will start in a squat position and jump yourself about a foot forward for 5, then back for 5. Do 3 sets, 30 second rest. Make sure to land with soft feet; do not buckle in your knees/ lock your knees and land on your heels. Make sure you are getting down to a 90 degree angle. 

2. Front squats. Place your light dumbbells above your chest by your collar bones. Use your abdominals to balance your body and squat down low. You should feel the emphasis in your quads more than your posterior chain (back side). Make sure to keep those dumbbells even and to not invert your knees. 3 sets of 15, 45 seconds rest. 

3. Reverse lunges. Stand with your lighter dumbbells. Place one foot back and lunge down to a 90 degree angle. Alternate legs. 20 each leg for 3 sets. Superset each set with knee tucks; start in pushup position and bring your knees up to your chest, repeat for 15. 1 minute rest between the superset.

5. Glute band walks. These are great to fire up the glutes before a glute workout. I usually do these above my knees but shoutout to the BFF for showing me that doing them around your feet is worse! These do not require much movement. Bend slightly and extend right foot to the side so that your feet are about shoulder width apart. Do 20 each leg for 4 sets, 45 seconds rest in-between.

6. Sumo squats. Place your heavy dumbbell between your legs and stand in a wide stance with your toes pointed out. Bend down to 90 degrees and pick up your dumbbell. Squeeze your glutes at the top and repeat for 20 reps, 3 sets. 30 second rest in between.

7. Single Leg Banded glute bridges. Use a chair, bench or couch and wrap the band around your legs above your knees. Sink your bottom down to the ground and extend your leg. With your stable foot extend your bottom up towards the sky and squeeze at the top. Do 15 each leg for 4 sets. Superset with double-leg glute bridges for 10 reps in between sets. 45 seconds rest in between.

 8. HIIT Cardio. I ran stairs but you can do either burpees, stair master if you are at a gym, or high knees. 30 seconds of fast, active movement followed by 30 seconds of rest. 3-5 rounds.

I hope you guys enjoyed this leg day! I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all who have been reading Vida Noel and for all the feedback that I have been getting. I am so overwhelmed by all of your love! Please feel free to let me know what specific workouts you would like to see from me, I would love to hear! Comment below once you complete this workout and let me know how you feel. 😉

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