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Hey, guys! I have been working on this post all weekend so I am really happy it’s finally up! The hubby and I took our first solo trip without our daughter about 2 weeks ago to Las Vegas for some relaxation, shopping and to celebrate my birthday. We had both never been so it seemed like the perfect fit for a quick getaway. I will be honest, I did not relax much! Prior to this trip I had never been away from my daughter for even a night. When we booked this trip, I thought I would be able to handle it but I was SO wrong. You could say we are attached at the hip. She is definitely my shadow and loves doing what Mommy does and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Here is a round-up of our trip including sites to see and places to eat! Forewarning; major photo overload! 🙂

We were up and at ’em at 4am so coffee was a must. We flew Delta and had no complaints!

We made it to Vegas before 9am which was really nice but the two hour time change really killed us. By mid-day we needed a nap! Not to mention the July heat just drains you. We are thinking we will fly in late at night next time and during a not-so hot month.

We stayed at the SLS Hotel  located towards the end of the strip right before the Stratosphere and Fremont Street. We absolutely loved this hotel! Everything was so clean and all the staff were courteous and very helpful with any questions we had about the Strip. The casino part of the hotel was kept very clean and actually did not smell bad at all (the busier, “lower end” hotels in Vegas smelled horrid). The pool was my FAVORITE part about this hotel which I will share later on in this post.

Part of the hotel ceiling. Everything was really modern which is so my style. 🙂 Every inch of this place was charming.

Our hotel room door

Our view of some gorgeous LV condos. I failed to snap pictures of inside our room. My suitcase exploded before I could take them ;). But I assure you, it was beautiful!

We cleaned up and headed out to the strip. I am wearing a couple pieces I purchased last Summer along with my favorite wedges

The shops at The Venetian are insane. You can ride a gondola through the entire Venetian which is on our to-do list for next time.

We stopped for some gelato (which I have never had before) and no wonder people go crazy over this stuff. I always opt for chocolate with some sort of coffee flavored option. The hubby and I always share when we indulge.

The ceiling of the gelato shop AKA my next home’s grand entrance 😉 I wiiiiiish….

I really wanted to try the famous Carlos Bakery located inside The Venetian, but the line was too long. Sooooo, I “window-ate”. 🙂

I have always wanted to try Tao so we decided to splurge and have dinner here. It was AMAZING. Probably the best Asian cuisine I have ever had.

When you enter Tao there are these large milk bath tubs with fresh rose petals in them. I mean, dreamy!

I absolutely loved the vibe at this place

Standing on the balcony of The Venetian. Notice how I switched to flats because ma’ dawgs were killllin’ me. These ruffle sliders are from a local boutique in Nebraska called BeYourself. 

Major eye-candy for this Momma 😉 The hubby doesn’t get in front of the camera too often but I had to get him by this cool wall. I mean… melt. me.

Our outfit details linked below


My outfit


Brody’s Outfit


We walked our way over to Caesars Palace which was incredible. I could have taken a million pictures of this place! Every inch was gorgeous.

The Fountain of The Gods inside Caesars

The most fab H&M I have ever seen. There is no door to enter the store, it is just a big open space with 3 levels. It was insane! I purchased a pair of ruffle shorts and these pants in blue  while we were there. I am all about affordable, trendy fashion. I am not a person that has to have a certain brand to attain a certain look. H&M is the perfect place to purchase on trend pieces for a affordable price. Post to come on these separate pieces!

I fell in love with these light fixtures in Ted Baker inside Caesar’s

Starbucks stop! The hubby was very sweet to snap this picture of me working on Vida Noel in preparation for its launch!

We always get Venti Americanos with 2 splendas and light Nonfat milk

*Travelers Tip: Vegas is not water friendly. Water fountains are few and far between and most places will charge you for just the cup to get water. Starbucks was pretty good about filling up our water bottles for us free of charge.

Then there’s this beauty of a picture. In-N-Out! We absolutely love this place so dinner happened…AGAIN. 🙂 I always opt for no cheese on my burgers since there is plenty in the beef. I usually say no bun if I get fries or no fries with the bun but….when in Vegas 😉

Part of the strip at dusk. At this point I was begging Brody for an Uber because I was so tired. Mom life…We kept it simple the first night and relaxed in bed and watched TV. Who does that in Vegas?! Us…haha

 Morning breakfast views. We ate at the NorthSide Café located inside our hotel and it is a must. Their pancakes were to die for.

Hubby and I both got a side of egg whites and shared blueberry pancakes. I would be lying if I said I didn’t eat most my half!

We made our way to the South end of the strip to see the famous welcome sign. I had to snap this quick picture of Mandalay Bay which is a stunning hotel. Crazy to see it in person after seeing it in multiple shows and movies.

I posted about this outfit last week. You can find it under my “Fashion” tab! 

We freshened up and changed and made our way back to the Fashion Mall located in the middle of strip. I FINALLY got to shop in a ZARA. Oh. My. Lanta. Pure heaven. Again, another store Omaha needs to get! So many cool pieces and they have an adorable toddler section. A must to shop at!

You guys I promise we don’t eat out like this normally, ha! The Habit is somewhere the hubby wanted to try. A lot of the well-known bodybuilders he follows go to this place and rave about it over In-N-Out, and it is a clllllose second in my book. Again, I don’t normally get both fries and bun but I just had to try it all 😉 I definitely didn’t finish my portion. I can always tell when a restaurant puts more fat into their food, so that is the only downfall in my opinion. 

The High Roller is comparable to the ferris wheel in London and I definitely recommend it. We would have done it at night if the cost wasn’t almost double so we opted for dusk. It was beautiful! Views on views on views. It lasts about 35 minutes but I swear it lasts an hour when your’e at the very top, ha!

Came back down to reality and browsed the Cupcake ATM at Sprinkles…genius invention! I am wearing the shorts I purchased at H&M. I couldn’t find it on their website to link, sorry ladies!

Like I said on my Insta…feed them curves! Hubby and I actually just split a hamburger for a quick snack.

Hubby and I enjoyed some night life then called it a night!

The next morning walking to the OG of all breakfast joints, IHOP 🙂

Egg whites and turkey bacon for this girl (feelin’ the burger guilt).

Hehe, snuck a quick pic of him without him knowing. Obsessed with him…all the heart eyes.

We spent our last day lounging at the FoxTail in our hotel. Love love love this pool. The setup was really cool and I loved the mirrors they had against the private pool area. Again, I would definitely recommend the SLS Hotel to anyone who is looking to make a Vegas trip.

Joined the one-piece “revolution”. I was not a huge fan at first but it’s funny how styles come back around…I actually find one-pieces more flattering than bikinis…especially when you got more booty like this Mama 😉 Linked below are a few styles that I am crushing on right now.

After a huge delay in our flight home, we finally made it back to our daughter after 3 days without her. NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN will I leave her….I know I say that now :).  I hope all enjoyed this super long recap of our trip! I would love to hear what places in Vegas you all have been to and your favorite places! 

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