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Hey, Babes! Today’s post is all about the upper body which would probably be a close favorite to leg day. I love working my upper body, my back especially. There is just something about finishing a good training session and looking at your arms and back all pumped up! Or is that just me? 😉 Haha.

I know some ladies tend to shy away from grabbing those weights and working those arms and shoulders due to the fear of looking “manly” or gaining “too much muscle” which leaves me with a dramatic eye-roll. Never be afraid to grab those weights and out work those boys (or your hubby, lol) in your gym. Weight training gives you definition and allows you to shape your body in a way that diet alone cannot do. And if you are like me, weight training is the only way to get those muscles showing (forever small over here!).

Today’s workout is a blaster which means it is quick with minimal rest and minimal equipment. LETS GET STARTED!

My sports bra is from Forever 21 and there is also an identical one here by a brand called LiveFit. I absolutely love LiveFit and have been a fan/buyer since the very beginning of their business.

My shorts are LuluLemon and can be found here. I absolutely love them and feel super light. I actually went a size up from my normal. I love these ones by Lulu, as well.

I was not able to link an image to my shorts so be sure to click on above link for the exact pair. 



Today you will need two sets of dumbbells, a lighter set and a heavier set. I did not go up in weight by much for this workout so go with what you feel is good for you. I grabbed 15 lb dumbbells and 12.5 lb dumbbells. My dumbbells are by Body Master’s and can be found here. 


Stretch well

Pump your arms through 20 reps of lateral raises, shoulder press, and bent-over row x3 

(body weight)

1. Start with max pushups until failure. Once you hit failure do 5 more on your knees. Superset with 10 bicep curls with your heavier pair of dumbbells.

3 sets, 30 second rest in-between sets 

2. Hammer curls for 20 with your lighter set, 4 sets with 30 seconds rest.

3. Front raises supersetted with standing shoulder press. 10-12 reps each, 30 seconds rest in-between sets. Do whatever dumbbell weight you feel is best.

4. Lateral raises, 20 reps x4 sets, 30 seconds rest. I used my lighter pair of dumbbells. 

5. Single-Arm Tricep kickbacks. 12-15 sets each arm, 3 sets with 30 seconds rest. At the end of the 3 sets do over-head tricep extensions for 25 reps.

6. Back to exercise #1, pushups. Complete at least 40 pushups anyway that you can at this point, going onto your knees is okay! This should really burn since you have done your full workout prior. 

Annnnnd that is it!! Super quick, and to the point. I would recommend this workout on a day you do not have much time, want to workout from home, or just want to get it done quick. Always remember to focus on proper form and never to sacrifice form to get up to a certain weight of dumbbell. 

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