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I have always been a believer on shopping small and supporting local businesses. When I came across Little Mango, I HAD to order something from them for my baby girl. Every single thing is adorable and so unique. What I love most about Little Mango is that it is a locally owned business here in Omaha, Nebraska. I love supporting business that are home grown from my own town, especially when they are led by boss babes.

Little Mango carries many brands that you won’t see on every block. The brands they carry are so diverse and are definitely worth a click and a charge straight to the credit card 😉 

There is nothing like supporting someone’s dream. I am all about giving my business to those that have worked hard to get to where they are at, and especially those whom are fellow mothers. Being a mom is like being a part of special gang, I swear! 😉 Every time I connect with a new mom it is like we are instantly friends since we are connected by these little humans that rule our lives. I am the first out of all my close friends to become a mom, so it is always nice to meet other women that relate a little more to the beloved Mom Life. 

Pose, baby, pose!! 

I absolutely love shopping for Noelia, although it’s a dangerous hobby, the hubby actually loves it, too! Noelia has even started to “ooo” and “thats cuuuuuute” when we take her shopping (I mean, she is my daughter after all). Buuuut we have started to get the “I no like that” from her many times. She has started to realize she can choose what she wants, especially when it comes to food and clothes. Most times it’s okay in my book, but that one time she wanted to wear socks with her jelly sandals definitely did not fly with me, ha! But I still let her do it 🙂

Use code NICKYFIT15 for 15% off your purchase through September 30th. Follow them on Instagram @shoplittlemango and join their VIP group on Facebook under “Little Mango Insiders”.


    • August 7, 2017 /

      Thanks, sweet Mama! I am so happy we found your shop, it is PERFECT! XOXO

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