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Happy Thursday, Loves! We are iiiiinching our way to Friday. Noelia was sick last week with the stomach bug and Brody has been gone so much for work that Friday has been long overdue! I am still trying to catch up on some sleep!

I am talking all about statement earrings today and how much I love wearing them. If you know me, you know that I rarely, if ever, go without my earrings! 9/10 times I am wearing big hoops…I mean the kind of hoops you can fit your whole arm in! The bigger the hoop, the bigger the ____ they say 😉 Total Khloe K reference, there.

When I saw these statement earrings by SugarFix, I H A D to have them! I love wearing black and nudes and these babies would go perfect with any look I do with those shades.

Every since I was probably in Middle School, I have always worn big earrings. Anything dangly and girly was totally me (and still is). I wore dangly earrings so much that my Senior year in High School my right ear lobe RIPPED IN HALF. My earring fell out in the hallway during school and when I tried to put it back in, I realized that my earring hole was gone and was replaced with a full-fledge tear. It scared the crap out of me! It didn’t hurt, it was bound to happen actually. I had always felt my hole was too low on my ear and over time it just kept getting lower and lower. I couldn’t even wear normal earrings to my Senior Prom. I had to wear clip-ons. It was terrrrrrible! I eventually discovered that a plastic surgeon was the only person that could fix my ear. Crazy story!

You would think that after that experience I would of stopped wearing long, heavy earrings but heck to the no. Still rebelling to this day! 🙂

This is my absolute favorite leather jacket of all time and was totally worth every penny. The zipper detail is so unique and I get asked all the time where I got it. You can find it here.  I am really wanting the embroidered leather jacket by BlankNYC, as well (linked at the bottom of the post). It is so chic and feminine! 

My jeans are from FashionNova and my shoes are BCBG’s from a few years ago. My clutch is from last Summer from Target and my sunnies are Celine dupes.

Below I have linked all my favorites from SugarFix and Baublebar as well as my leather jacket round-up. 

// SugarFix //

// Baublebar //

// Leather Jacket Round-Up //

Enjoy your weekend, babes! Be sure to hold those loved ones tight!

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