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I seriously cannot believe I am writing this post! The hubby and I are celebrating our 3-year anniversary today, say whaaaat?! Time surely does fly but I am so blessed that the rest of my life gets to be spent with my Bubba. I thought it would be fitting to share with all of you some sweet moments from our Big Day and my thoughts on our first 3 years of marriage.

Wow…what a blessing the past 3 years have been. Better yet, the past 6 years with my hubby. I have truly found the one which my soul was meant for and every time I look back at our story I am overwhelmed by joy and the reminder that God’s plan is always perfect.

The past 3 years has been an absolute joy ride, but a joy ride that has come with plenty of learning lessons. At the end of the day, we are still two different people learning to love each other through thick and thin every day. Not every day is filled with roses, with a special date night, a full 20 minute heart-to-heart conversation, or even dinner together…and that is OKAY. I think people often have this idea in their minds that after “I Do” love still comes easy, but that is not always the case. When you choose to spend the rest of your life with someone, you are choosing to see every single part of them. The best. The worst. The ugly. The pretty. Everything in between! Love is a choice. A choice that two people must make every day.

Here are my top 5 thoughts on the beginning of Marriage

This is a candid photo from our Wedding Day. We had just walked down the aisle after becoming Mr & Mrs and I waved at our amazing photographer that I wanted a quick picture with my new Hubby!

1. Be open. Be honest.

This does not always come as easy as one may think. It is really easy to hold emotions in, especially when it may result in an argument. Holding things in only results in “word-vomit” in the future and usually 10x worse than your original emotion. It could be something small that upsets you, but I feel you should always speak on it and in a respectful way (I am still working on that one!). Take time at the end of your day to talk about anything that upsets you, whether outside of the home or in the home. This helps with being on the same page as couple and allows for the other person to pray specifically for your needs. 

That jaw still gets me every time 😉

2. Arguing is okay

Arguments are going to happen. Again, you are two different people! Forever is a long time, but a beautiful time. You are not always going to meet eye to eye and you are not always going to think the other person is right, but at the end of the day it is okay to disagree. Agree to disagree! Be open to truly listening to the other person’s concerns and not just listening to respond (another thing I need to work on!) At the end of the day, never go to bed mad. It solves nothing!

3. Be honest about finances

This is a tough one for some people. From the very start of our marriage Brody and I joined bank accounts. I know this isn’t for everyone, but I think it is the best choice. Some of you are probably like why does it matter? But in all reality, why doesn’t it? Once we became a couple, whatever was mine was his, and his mine…but lets be honest sometimes what is mine is mine (SHOPPING!) Totally joking, but seeing details about where your money is coming and going on both ends together leaves less room for confusion and arguments (or more if Hubby sees you spent $150 at Target!) 😉

Our wedding reception was at a vineyard

4. Be okay with change

This is a big one for me because I am a huge creature of habit. With marriage comes a lot of change, including change of tradition…holidays, birthday’s, etc. What you once did with your immediate family may not always happen now as a married couple. And this really changes once you have kids! Change could also be something as simple as what time you go to church or what you have for dinner. When it comes to these situations Brody and I always talk first and express each others wants and needs on both sides. Usually Hubby just wants to do what I want (he is seriously the sweetest) but I know I need to work on his true wants. 

5. Prayer. Lots and lots of prayer. 

Brody and I are firm believers that God needs to be first in your marriage. There are times we fail and we forget what is important, but it is in those times we are reminded how much we truly need our Heavenly Father! Spend time each day/night to pray for each other and pray as a couple. Lay out your heart and your needs. The best thing you can do for your spouse is to pray for them!

Again, love is a choice. A choice you and your spouse must make every day. There are going to be temptations, days that you don’t want to love but would rather be bitter, days that the littlest things set you off, but when you choose love you cannot fail. Nothing can fail if you are determined to make it work!

Photography by IHI Weddings

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