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Hey, babes! First of all I want to apologize for being so MIA with my posts! Life has been a juggling act lately and I am DROWNING. Football season is a tough one for me since Brody is practically always gone, and since we are crazy we decided to throw a new fur baby into the mix! Seriously, if you want to see a comedy show, come over to The Schmaderer’s household ;). Literal definition of a hot mess!

I wanted to say a big Thank You to all that have been following along and supporting me through this blogging journey! I often feel defeated, especially lately with everything on my plate. I want to post so much and get these ideas out there, but lately mommyhood and wifeyhood have taken over and I will ALWAYS choose them over blogging. Until I can make this a full-time gig, my posts will just come as time allows! So thank you all for still chiming in despite my inconsistency. I truly, truly appreciate it.

Here is a look at what we have been up to lately and just some pictures I have a had on my phone. I LOVE raw photos, nothing staged. Social media is such a “high-light” reel, it is so nice to just post the raw. Get ready for picture overload!

Love me some Sundays. We usually go out for lunch after church service and on this day we had Freddy’s. This girl loves her chicken strips and “freh-fries”. Somehow mom and dad always seem to steal some bites ;).

There were a few weeks this summer that Brody had to take Noelia to football practice with him, and lets just say she LOVED IT. She loved watching the boys and telling them what to do (she’s a natural!). She has grown to even love watching football with Daddy on TV. Mommy still hasn’t gotten on board with that one.

First Dentist visit. She loved watching Mommy get her teeth cleaned but she was NOT HAVING IT when it was her turn. We tried to have my Dad hold her while she watched Paw Patrol but she still wasn’t having it. Maybe next time! (Now everyone can see where she gets her bright baby-blues from). 

I had a girls night with my BFF and we went to Shawn Mendes. He was sooooo good. Pretty sure we were one of the oldest ones there but hey, thats okay! I even ran into my brother-in-law at the concert. 

Outfit deats (went with darker version of denim overall skirt)

“Low quality pic, high quality life”.

BFF had a party bus for her birthday a few weeks ago. This was a real struggle for me because I don’t drink alcohol and I never ever ever stay out late. Im such a grandma but its just how I am (Brody, too), but it was nice to let loose and enjoy the night with friends. I still got up at 7am to go get Noelia!

Zoo Day with Papa and Abu (Abu is short for Abuelita which means grandma in Spanish)

Noelia and her friend Addy. Aren’t these two just precious?! They are 5 months apart. Noelia is older but Addy beats her in size and I think it is so funny! This was at the Alpaca Farm out by Fort Calhoun, NE. The Alpacas of the Heartland hosts a free day for the public to come see and feed the Alpacas. It is seriously a blast and I recommend any NE local to go, but get there right when they open because parking is a real pain.

Noelias outfit deats

My mom is from Chile where Llamas and Alpacas are well-known since the Andes Mountains run straight down the whole country. My mom is always in heaven seeing her “family”.

Going to bed with her Alpaca she got from the farm.

I had the honor of being chosen to participate in a special project that I will later announce and was thrilled they wanted Noelia involved, too. We got to travel to Lincoln to shoot with the amazing Wyn Wiley in his studio. Every inch was photo worthy. Still in awe of the experience!

Saturdays with my babe. This day was the first real “cold” day in NE so I had to breakout this shirt! Had my first PSL this day, too. #basic

Theres nothing like seeing your husband be a daddy. These two melt me!

First trip to Valas Pumpkin Patch this Fall. Most of these pics were stolen from my Insta Stories. I live for their Apple Cider donuts. My weaknessssss.

My beauty queen. Helping Abu rake leaves.

And like I said, because we are crazy people we got ourselves a fur baby! Noelia LOVES dogs and has been pretty much asking for one since she could talk! Brody and I have wanted a dog of our own since we got married but I love how we waited until our own babe wanted one. I think it makes the experience even better knowing this pup will grow up with Noelia and be her protector.

Becoming a Schmaderer is tiring

These two love eachother! Pardon our primed door, renovations are still going strong!

His first time on a leash. Already chasing and loving on Sissy!

Also, in total NEED of potty training tips (for both!) haha. But, really! We are about to go “no diedy” with Noelia soon but this pup is driving me mad! Where my fur mamas at?! Would totally be open to any tips and tricks!

Noelia is wearing a ankle version of the shoes below. Her socks are from Bailey’s Blossoms.


Annnnnd we are back at Valas! Took baby girl there for her birthday. Hubby and I took off work to spend the whole day with her and it was so refreshing. She absolutely loves this place!




How most my pictures turn out with her! She refuses to take pictures lately so I take what I can get!



Last year


This year. Why do they have to grow?! And to think last year I thought she was big 🙁


I know you guys love these “everyday” posts so I truly enjoy rounding up some pics and posting them! Again, so sorry about the lack of posts. I have so many ideas I am excited to get out there! Thank you for being a reader of Vida Noel and for following along. XO!

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