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Can I make a confession? Date night is something Brody and I are SO bad at. It’s not that we do not want to have a solo night on the town, we just get so wrapped up in the demands of the everyday we are dead *** tired by 9pm! Plus, a night without Noelia just is not the same in our book. I know every couple needs their time away, but we literally have to pry ourselves away and let the ‘rents take care of our babe. Any one else that way?! She is just my (our) little shadow, so it is definitely hard sometimes. Once we do get a night together, it is so worth it. It helps us reset, recharge and refocus. Parenting is the most demanding “job” we have ever had and we forget that we need a break from time to time.

Naturally, when Mama gets some time to get ready I go all out ;). Of course by all out I mean washed hair, shaved legs, and time to do my makeup! Mom life is no joke but I am obsessed with it. The days may be long and my needs are on the far left back burner, but everything is so worth it!

Here I paired a simple knit dress with one of my favorite cardigans of all time. What I love most about building a wardrobe is experiment with different ways to use certain pieces. I loved being able to wear my OTN boots with this dress. Gave this Mama a confidence boost!

My cardigan // My Dress (velvet version) // My boots

As this busy season of life goes on, we are reminded that we truly need to remember that time alone is a okay and needed. Taking some time away is always hard for me but I am trying! Brody and I usually opt for Blue Sushi or Kona. We usually don’t venture too far off what we love but are always up for suggestions! Where do you guys like to go for date night?

Love, love this view. Omaha is my Homaha!

Cardigan Round-Up


OTK Boot Round-Up


I hope you babes have a fabulous week! Be sure to check out my Holiday Gift Guide and start thinking about those gifts for all the special loves of your life. 🙂

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