Family Pictures + Noelia’s 2 Year Update

Photo by  Taylor Wintle Photography

Today I am sharing our family pictures that we took a few weeks back. These were taken one day after we welcomed our fur baby, Bernard, to the family! Let me tell you…trying to get a 9 week old puppy and a 2 year old to remotely pose for pictures is near impossible! We have an amazing photographer, Taylor, that always pulls through with making our hot mess family moments look put together! Taylor has actually captured many of our precious memories. She took our formal engagement pictures, maternity pictures, Noelia’s birth, and Noelias newborn! I am pretty sure I am missing a few sessions in there but you get the picture that we love her! Noelia’s birth was definitely a long one and I will never forget how much patience Taylor had with us and Miss Noelia as she made her dramatic entrance into the world.

Noelia just celebrated her 2nd birthday a few weeks ago. We spoiled her rotten (as always) and took her to the pumpkin patch. She loves being outside so that place is one of her favorites. Noelia has grown so, so much this past year. Every time I stop and think about our baby and all her milestones this year, I think  “How did we get here?”, “How are we parents to a two-year-old?”. It is so true when they say time speeds up once you become a parent. You watch their little selves grow up before your eyes you become oblivious to time. Its like you blink and they are already talking back at you! No really, she talks back now ;). There is nothing more that I enjoy than being a mom and parenting with Brody. There are days I completely lose it and feel like I fail as a parent, but I know I was made to be a Mama and am so thankful for the Lord’s GRACE.

Noelia is still my little shadow. She loves doing what Mama does and being around Mama at all times. She loves to do makeup with mama (aka watching) and tell me what I need to put on next! What’s crazy is usually she is right! Children truly watch our every move! There is nothing Noelia loves more than her babies. She has about 15 (not exaggerating) and cares for each one. It’s so cute to watch her swaddle them, change them, and bounce them around “to sleep”. She is such a little mother! It is still taking her a little bit to get used to her new best friend, Bernard. She completely loves him and is always worried about him, but once he starts to chew on her clothes or toys its GAME OVER. Like I’ve said before, if you ever want to see a live comedy show just show up to our house at about 6pm on any given night. Chasing a toddler and a puppy is exhausting! But yet, I miss them so much once the day is done.

Noelia speaks in full sentences now. She can answer any question you ask and any request you ask of her. I may be biased, but her language for her age is amazing to me. She can count 1-10 in English and Spanish, and understands when her Abu speaks in only Spanish to her. She absolutely loves her books and you can often catch her “reading” to herself in her playroom. ITS PRECIOUS.

One thing that we know without a shadow of a doubt is that Noelia has a very strong will. Some days are a battttttle. Every single thing is a fit and tantrum and those are the days that I tend to lose my patience and allow my anxiety to kick in. This stage is definitely more challenging since she is her own little person and now knows she can express her wants and frustrations. Even on the bad days, I am still so thankful that I get to experience them. I never want to make it seem like I am complaining, I am simply keeping it real! Mom life is no joke and I still learn everyday how to be the best Mama that I can be. Social media can definitely make it seem that I have my mom life together but I soooooo don’t. That one picture you see of us smiling was .0001 second of the past 5 minutes of a non-compliant Noelia! She used to LOVE pictures, but lately she refuses them so I just have to roll with it!

**Just keep laughing and make it look like we have our life together!**

This. Picture. I mean….ughh!! These two. Thank you, JESUS. 

Mi Brodita…My little Brody 🙂

Lay it on me, baby Daddy. Love this man!

Noelia acting like she’s eating an ice cream cone…whatever makes her smile at this point! 

Goodness, I love my tribe. The days may be long but the love is so strong! Totally just rhymed, but seriously! You know the saying “I remember the days I prayed for the things I have now”? So incredibly true. I look at Brody and just think…”Wow, Bubba. We are family”.

Photos by Taylor Wintle Photography

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