Bernard The Golden with Ripley + Rue

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Hey, friends! Wow, it has been a few weeks since I have had a post! I have so many drafts that are almost ready to go but just haven’t had much time to get them posted! We have been working around the clock to get our home ready to host Christmas. We have stayed up pretty late every night sanding, painting, nailing in trim, getting doors in…the list goes on and on! Plus, doing all this with a spunky toddler and a ever-growing pup is a challenge. But as always, the hubby and I pull through!

Today’s post is about a collaboration I did with Ripley + Rue starring my baby boy, Bernard. Bernard has been a blessing to us and is truly the perfect fit. He is such a calm pup (usualllly) and loves his sissy like no other. You can tell that he knows what his “job” is…to protect and love her. It’s so sweet!



Isn’t he handsome?! You can find his custom bandana here

Noelia has been asking for a puppy for as long as she could communicate with us. She has loved animals since birth and puppies are her favorite. I mean this girl sees a dog in public and its V-line to the dog without question. She carries her toy puppies around like they are her babies and loves on them like a true mother!

I grew up with Golden Retrievers and I always knew I would want one as my family dog with Brody. Once Noelia started asking about a puppy, I knew a Golden retriever puppy would be more than perfect for her second birthday. They are the sweetest, most loyal dogs! I searched high and low in Omaha and had no luck. The price was either too high or no puppies would be available around her birthday. One day at work I was looking through the ads when I saw a breeder from Kansas put an ad in for Golden Retriever puppies. I was hesitant to call an out-of-state breeder but I did anyway. It was like God layed it in front of me! The puppies this breeder had would be ready just in time for her birthday and the price was just right. I wanted a male and was able to choose one from pictures he sent me, but I just couldn’t choose. I gave it to God and knew the day we went to pick our puppy up, he would be the right one for our girl.

We got Bernard in October when he was just a 8-week-old pup. I probably sound like a total freak when I say this but he was truly made for us. The first time I held him I just knew, this is our baby! The first thing he tried to do was chew on my hair bun, and I will never forget it. The car ride home was filled with excitement because I just knew Noelia was going to flip over this huge surprise!




Photoshoots are tiring…I hear ya, baby!


Mid-chew on some snacks to keep him cooperative 😉

“Okay, Mom. You can take this hat off, now!”



Always has his leash in his mouth! You cannot take him on a jog without him holding it.

Ripley + Rue is the cutest pet company I have ever come across! I first met the owner at a summer event in Omaha and was in LOVE with all the products she had. We didn’t even have a pet yet and I was seriously considering buying something for the future :). RR’s custom bandanas are my favorite and are so unique. What I love most is the lettering is GLOW IN THE DARK. Like whhhaaaat. It actually took me a few days to realize it, but I was amazed how well you can see his name in the dark! Perfect to spot him in the yard diggin’ a hole at night 😉 No really, he does that now (poor, hubby). He has worn his bandana almost everyday since he got it and it still looks brand new. The lettering hasn’t peeled off and the stitching has stayed in tact despite Bernard’s attempts to chew on it. RR also sells shirts and accessories for any dog mama and can be found here. Ripley + Rue is based out of Omaha which is another reason why I love the business so much. I am all about supporting local companies and “BossBabes” doing what they love.





And that’s a wrap! He was one tired pup after this shoot. He found this piece of wood that he took home with him that day. He still has it in our backyard and carries it around everywhere!

Outfit Deets



My coat can be found here.

Bernard insisted on being an InstaPup, so give him a follow on Instagram at @BernardtheGolden.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I will have part two to my Holiday Gift Guide up in the next few days. Vida Noel is going under construction soon for a makeover so stay tuned!! Super excited for a fresh look for the New Year!

Bernard was purchased through Allen’s Country Kennels

Centralia, Kansas


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