Mom Life Update // The Sweet Two-Nager Stage

My sweet baby girl…where do I even begin?? She has grown into such a little lady these past few months and it makes this Mama so proud! Her vocabulary and sentence structure is beyond and says words to me I didn’t even know she knew! She is still bilingual and I get compliments all the time on how they cannot believe she is! Probably because that bright blonde hair 😉

Noelia cracks me up daily with her sass & princess personas that she is just destined to be on a stage someday! She may look like hubby but this girl is definitely my child, there is no denying it! The more and more she looks like Daddy, the more and more she acts like me! Hehe sorry, Hubby! We are in for it!

And there she goes…

So what has Noelia been up to?

This girl loves to be a little Mama. She is still obsessed with her babies. She loves to dress them, “change their diapers”, bathe them, and put them into bed! I was never into baby dolls but this girl loves them! She is also super into Frozen right now. I got her a Queen Elsa dress for Christmas and I kid you not that girl wears it every day. She HAS to put on Mama’s heels when she wears it and dancing with her during the singing parts is a must. If you follow me on IG (@nickyschmaderer_fit) I am sure you have seen her “performances” on my IG stories. It’s precious!

Noelia is starting to tell us what she likes (and completely dislikes) to wear. She would wear a dress everyday if she could, but with this terribly cold NE weather I have broken her heart a time or two! Soooo…sometimes we look a little crazy and she wears her dress over pants and a sweater. You have to choose your battles when it comes to these little humans! Oh, and if they made heels for toddlers, she would be alllll over it.

Off to Trader Joe’s for Fresh Blooms. This is our favorite spot to go for flowers. If I ever have a day off with just Noelia and I, I love to take her here to pick up some flowers for the house. Red Mango (froyo) is right in the same strip so we always head there as well for a snack!

Pink it is 😉

Potty training

 Yes, Mamas! We are potty trained!! I really cannot believe that it happened so quickly but thank God that it did! It took us a good 3 days for her to really understand, but we stuck to our guns and we came out victorious! She still has an accident every now and then but it is only when she gets too “busy” and forgets she has to go. We have a “potty dance” that we do after she goes and of course a lot of big girl high-fives! So incredibly proud of her! Plus, not having to buy diapers is a huge relief. If any Mama’s want to know how we potty trained her, just let me know! If I get a good response I will do a separate post.

Three-nager?? How about a TWO-NAGER

Noelia has a very strong will and personality. It is what makes her unique and one of the very first things we noticed about her. She talks with her hands and makes the best facials when she is being sassy…like I CANT EVEN DEAL. Lately, she has been a realllll patience tester. I mean…you could drop a pen and it would set her off (according to hubby this is my trait). Bed time has been the worst, too. It’s like she knows the normal bed-time routine and she fights it most nights now. I mean crying so hard she can’t talk. Like why?! It breaks my heart but I know she is fine. She has been fed, bathed, books read, the whole 9 yards, and she just cries. UGH. Any Mama’s out there that relate?! I always lay with her until she’s asleep, just one of those things I love to do, and most nights she doesn’t want anything to do with me. Que the Mama tears and the toddler meltdown! I am sure it is just another phase we have to get through, but it really breaks my heart. I think it goes back to her knowing she can push my buttons and knows she can try to stall bed-time. These little humans are so smart I tell, ya! I love the saying “No one is hungrier or thirstier than a toddler about to go to bed”, I mean…SO. TRUE.

I’ll always be that mom that is constantly sneaking kisses…even If I have to bribe her with a sucker to do things!

ABC’s & One Two Three

Believe it or not, this girl can count to 15! I didn’t even know she could (or knew numbers past 10) until one day she counted to 10 by herself and just kept going…and going! I would say this is a true testimate that kids pick up anything and everything they see, hear, and are exposed to. We constantly talk to her, count with her, read her books, and it definitely shows. She is familiar with her ABC’s and can ramble off many letters; they just aren’t quite in order, yet! Again, super proud of this girl.

Incredibly grateful and blessed to have such a beautiful, smart and healthy daughter. I don’t take her love for granted ever and thank Jesus for her daily! She is my buddy and I enjoy watching her grow into a little lady. Mommyhood is tiring and the days are long…but the years are so short. I always have “FOMO” when she isn’t with me and I know I will probably feel this way forever. There is just nothing like being a Mom! I live for it.


I know you Mama’s love these updates and I would be happy to expand on anything I touched on today. Feel free to comment below or email me! Have a blessed day, loves!


  1. Melissa Buller
    January 24, 2018 /

    My sister in law taught me something that has helped with my lo. She will be 3 in May. You teach them self control. You have them sit and hold their hands for just a couple of seconds. Each time increase the time. When they get upset tell them to practice their self control and have them sit and hold their hands. It gets them to calm down and talk to you without crying. It has worked great with Evelynn. When she gets mad we tell her she can’t talk to us when she cries so so stops and holds her hands till she stops crying and then tells us what the problem is. Sometime to try. Sorry for the long comment! It does get better! Good luck!

    • Nicky
      January 24, 2018 /


      Thanks so much for reading this post! That really sounds like a good idea and something I need to start trying. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and tell me about it!

  2. Marcie
    January 27, 2018 /

    You are doing a fantastic job momma!! Ours little princess is and has been the same exact way with me especially. I always think it will one day change, and then I will wish for her to want me next to her to snuggle at bedtime. We have the entire bedtime routine which would end with reading as long as she fell asleep, but she has figured out how to keep herself awake now. So we now turn to classic musocal medoly station on pandora, which in return calms her, she typically falls asleep within a song or two, and now will ask for it when she knows she is needing something more than books to settle down. We still snuggle her, but I was ruined with the whole “cry it out” method. I do not want her going to bed upset, so I will enjoy those extra snuggles as these days I know are limited!! We have turned to leggings under dresses to make it through this wonderfully cold winter, and I have had a complete eye opener to the fact that at 4 I can no longer pick out her daily outfits. You are raising a strong, bright, determined, sweet, beautiful, and kind hearted young lady, so don’t change a darn thing you are doing! Your motherly instincts are taking you in the right direction!! The best is yet to come with her!! Hold her a little longer, and a little tighter every night sweets!!

    • Nicky
      January 28, 2018 /

      Thank you, Marcie! Some days it is hard to see how “well” we are doing as Mamas. Especially the days I completely loose it!

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