Valentine’s Day Inspo // Making The Best With What You Have

Happy Monday, girls! Can you believe January is practically over and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner?! I have always loved Valentine’s Day (besides those hurtful Middle School years!). After having Noelia, it is like every holiday/special day has new meaning. Everything is SO much more fun when you have kids and my decorating/gift giving has a little more pep in it’s step! She just makes everything so much more exciting and I love it.

For today’s post, I threw together pieces I already owned to come up with the perfect V-Day look. When I think of Valentine’s, I always picture a good red lipstick, heels, and lace. And of course…PINK, which is another post I have in the works :). It’s not always about buying something new, but working with what you already have! I am the typical girl when it comes to events and holidays. I ALWAYS want to buy and wear something new. I am so guilty of buying something and only wearing it once, which leads to a cluttered closet and a hubby down my back. Haha, not really but you get what I mean! “Never seen you wear this”, “I don’t even remember that outfit”, “Didn’t you wear that ONE time?”…WHOOPS. I have started to invest more into statement pieces like the jacket I am wearing in today’s post.

My sunnies //  My Lipstick // My Necklace // My Jacket // My Jeans // My belt

I mentioned this in my last fashion post, but this belt is the best dupe! It is a steal and there is no shame in my game for sporting it. I am not comfortable yet to just drop $300-500 on a belt (nor could I afford that!), so this belt its a win!

This outfit is soooo good for a date night! Since Valentine’s is on a Wednesday this year, we are definitely staying in with our babe. Week days are just so busy for us and by the time we are home, have worked out, dinner done, it is already time to start putting Noelia to bed. Hashtag parenting…but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Noelia loves to bake so I will most likely bring home ingredients to make cupcakes and cookies with her and then proceed to watch her and Brody eat what I can’t have! Since I am doing my fitness challenge, I am sticking to my guns (although it is sooo hard at times!).

This lace top I have had forever and a day and literally have never worn it. I guess due to its sheerness, but what better time to wear it than for Valentine’s! Since it is years old, the exact one is not linked but here are a few that I am crushing on right now. I am not the biggest fan of the “lingerie” as clothes trend simply due to modesty, but I think there is a classy way to dress this trend with a cute leather jacket!



In case you local babes were wondering, yes, I FREEZE taking blog pictures!  

Valentine’s Day is such a special day to tell those you love how much they mean to you. You definitely do not need this day to do so, but it is a great reminder not to take those special people in your life for granted! I know for myself, I get so caught up with my day and my hustle that I forget to tell hubby how much he means to me. He does SO much for me it is unreal. He cooks my breakfast everyday while I get ready for work, and is always there when I need him to be my photographer. He is truly a gem and I love him more than anything!

No matter how you’re spending Valentine’s, remember love comes in all forms; through gift giving, sacrifice, touch, etc. Whatever your love language may be, be a little extra on that day!



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