Love Yourself Today & Always

Noelia’s yumminess this past weekend

Can you guys believe that it’s Valentine’s Day?! Seriously blows my mind how fast the year goes! Being a Mama just makes time go into warp speed, I swear. One of the things I love most about blogging is that it allows me to really express my feelings in all forms; writing, pictures, clothes, etc. Probably one of my most favorite forms is truly writing. I have always loved to write and I feel that it really allows me to exhale my stress and anxiety. This is probably why I love “To-Do” lists! Writing it all out gives me a visual and a plan. As many of you know, I am not afraid to get vulnerable. I will always put my true self forward and be 1000% real. That is what blogging should be! I want you to know my struggles and problems to connect with those that may be going through the same trials. We are all in this together (que HSM!). So today’s post is to love yourself, today and always.

This past weekend I had a MOMENT. One of those major anxiety attacks that encompass my whole mind and all I can do is cry. I just get so overwhelmed that I become a waterfall. What helps me is saying everything out loud that is bothering me at the moment or that I am upset about. Brody definitely heard a list…some of it was so small that it shouldn’t matter but some things are so big that I cannot control. Ever since I started blogging, I feel like my life is non-stop. It was pretty non-stop before, but now it’s like in fast-forward speed and I’m tripping over my feet to catch up. Working full-time still, juggling mommyhood, wifeyhood, endless things to do at home, trying to be the best I can be with my blog and all that comes with it is A LOT. I will never take any of those things for granted, but it is okay to say that it weighs heavy on my shoulders some days.


I thought today’s post would not only be appropriate for “love month”, but what I have been feeling lately. Self-love and mental wellness is so incredibly important. If you are someone who deals with anxiety and stress like me, recognizing your feelings is a must. We all have our moments, and that is okay! Life is life, and sometimes it is messy. I have learned that the times I allow the world to creep into my mind, I lose sight of my prayer life. All battles are won in prayer!


5 Important Ways to Love Yourself:

  1. Do what makes you happy. This is so big! How many times in life do you find yourself unsatisfied? Uninspired? This is 100% why I started to blog. Whether it is dance, art, singing, photography, traveling…do what makes your heart smile.
  2. Give yourself alone time. I have learned since becoming a Mama I realllly need this. I use my time in the gym as my time, and it is beyond needed! It allows me to think, meditate, evaluate what I have going on for that day/week, and most importantly get the stress out!
  3. Give yourself credit. Life comes at us every which way and in those times I find myself the least confident. I tend to forget how much I really do in a day! Moms really are Superwomen! Even if you aren’t a Mom, give yourself credit. In a world that likes to feed off self-doubt, shine through it. In the age of social media, your confidence can be low and your comparisons high. I am totally in that boat! It seems at times everyone around me is doing better and I am just trying to keep my head above water. I often need to take a step back and pat myself on the back, I am doing just fine being me!
  4. Let go of what bothers you. I mentioned this in my New Year, Same Me I was struggling with what was appearing on my Facebook feed. So many news stations pushing agendas and showing news stories that just really bothered me, so I “unliked” them all. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to know what was going on in the community and world, but the nonsense stories were not what I wanted to see. This concept can really apply to anything, not just social media. It can be people, things, places, etc. Whatever rubs you the wrong way is okay to let go.
  5. Know you are loved. Above all else, this is the end all be all. You have to know that you are loved. I believe and know we have a Heavenly Father who loves and adores us beyond belief. No matter what we have done or where we have been, His love is relentless and never-failing! YOU. ARE. LOVED

I hope you all enjoy your Valentine’s Day and show those special to you how much you care for them (and eat something sweet for me, too!)

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