Traveling Fit // Tips and Tricks

Hey, loves! I apologize for the lack of blog posts last week. I was not able to post a fitness update due to my focus was on preparing for my speeches in Wichita, Kansas! As you may have seen on my Instagram, I had the privilege of being the speaker at a youth women’s retreat in Wichita and the experience in itself was life changing. Never in a million years did I think I would be asked to speak about ANYTHING. My last speech was in college for speech class! I mean, a true God moment. At first, my gut was to say no due to the lack of experience on my end, but that small voice told me I was meant to be there. It was so right! The girls I got to meet and hopefully impacted were beyond sweet and hearing some of their stories was true confirmation that I was meant to tell mine. The theme was on “images” which speaks volumes in today’s age of technology and social media.

Today I wanted to show you all how I prepared for the trip food wise and tips to sticking to your goals. I am 3 weeks into my fitness challenge and I was confident a short weekend away was not going to stop me from my goals! Traveling can be hard on the body, thankfully I was not gone too long! The drive time was 5 hours which is probably my limit. I am not the biggest fan of road trips and neither is Noelia! We both get too ancy ;). Traveling fit is not always easy, but it is absolutely possible! When there’s a will, there’s a way!

Traveling Fit // Tips & Tricks

Eat Fit Go provided meals for my trip and I am beyond thankful for them!!! EFG has been a huge supporter of Vida Noel. I love everything that I have tried from them and they are so easy to track! All the meals can be found in the MyFitnessPal app which is what I use to track my macros. I highly recommend meal prep companies to help you prepare meals in advance according to your goals.

Quick picture for the ‘gram before we left

Starbucks…a road trip necessity! Or…a necessity for anything! I always get a Iced Coffee with one Splenda

Here are my top tips for traveling fit:

  1. If you have control over booking your hotel, always research the amenities. I always confirm with hotels if they have a microwave/fridge in the room. This makes it convenient to keep all your food cold and ready to eat with the microwave. If the hotel you have booked does not offer microwaves/fridges in your room, plan to bring a cooler for your food and just use the ice from the hotel ice machine to keep your food code. As far as warming up your food, you do what it takes! Most large gas stations have microwaves. I have totally done it before! Traveling fit is not always east, but again, you do what it takes.
  2. Bring meal options that are fast and easy. For example; protein shakes, meal bars, tuna packets, rice cakes, bagels, fruit, and almonds.
  3. Confirm with the hotel what kind of fitness equipment (if any) they have. Most hotels have a small room with equipment. Most of the time it is only cardio machines, but most new hotels will have one cable machine with a few dumbbells. Figure out in advance what type of training you can do with what they have. If nothing is offered, bring what you can! When we travel to our families lake cabin, I always bring weights and bands because I know there is not a gym close.
  4. If you’re traveling close to an off day, or a day that isn’t normally your off day, rearrange your training for that week. Friday I made sure to get up early to train before we left. I knew I wouldn’t be able to train on Saturday due to commitments with the retreat, so I took an off day and planned my meals accordingly.
  5. Up your water! If you’re flying or driving, your butt is stuck to a seat for hours. Up your water to help with the affects of less physical activity than what you are used to.

Traveling Fit // Tips & Tricks

Above are a few examples of what I ate on the drive and on the go at the conference. I only drink Premier shakes when I know I will be busy and will not have time to eat “actual” food. Same goes for the Quest bar. Always opt for “real” food over meal replacement options when you can. You will feel more full and satisfied on actual food. I ate the tuna on a few pieces of bread that I brought for a quick sandwich. These tuna packets come in many flavors and are packed with protein!

A few of my EFG meals, SO GOOD.

Sometimes you cannot control  your circumstances, and that is okay! Make the best with what you have been given and make educated guesses on food when possible.

Any goal is going to have it’s challenges, but you cannot let one hurdle stop you! When the road gets hard, you keep going! Don’t let excuses cloud your mind into thinking you can’t keep going. You absolutely can!

Have anything you’d like me to expand on? Let me know!

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