Week 4 Fitness Challenge // Update & Progress

Another week, another fitness update! Last week’s update did not get posted due to living in crazy-town, apologies! This one is up and I get pretty transparent with my pictures and how I am feeling mentally and physically.

This week marks the start of week 4, and I am not too please with my “progress”. I see small physical changes but the scale hates me. Me weight has been going up which is so frustrating!! Yes, I get frustrated just like everyone else with the scale! I was averaging about 126lbs and over the last week I have been averaging 127 despite upping my HIIT from 3 minute intervals to 5 minutes and cutting back 20 grams of carbs.

Like whhhhaaaaattt…

So here are my thoughts on what is going on with my fitness:

  1. We started my calories too high. My metabolism may have not been ready for that high of calories. I was intuitively eating prior to this challenge and did not track my macros so the starting point was a true guess.
  2. Protein is too high for my muscle mass and this type of cut
  3. The booty likes to be big and round and refuses to settle down 😉

Jokkkes on that last one, but really!

So, what am I going to do? I am going to take away some protein and add another day of HIIT to see if that makes the change we need to see. Sometimes it is all about trial and error and being relentless! Sometimes change doesn’t happen the way we want and those are the times you just have to keep moving forward.

It’s easy to get frustrated and fed up, especially when I feel like I should be losing, but at the end of the day if I am giving 100% and sticking to my current plan that is all I can do! This is the first time I am doing a cut without a coach tracking my every move and having a show as my goal. You could say this is definitely an experience of growth as I am showing myself that I can do it with the knowledge that myself and my husband have. Comfort is the enemy of progress!

Remember, in the grand scheme of things, scale weight really does not matter! If you’re finding yourself stuck at a number despite amazing physical changes, know that the scale number does not matter. Scale weight does that show you muscle gain.


The changes that I am seeing:

  1. I am feeling tighter in my core and less bloated
  2. My legs are toning up, slowly but surely!
  3. Less headaches from not over eating excess amounts of sugar


Fitness Challenge Update

If you go back to my Week 1 update, you’ll see not a whole lot has changed…and that is OKAY. I, too, forget that the losing process is slow (as it should be) for someone of my height and size. I don’t have a ton of excess to lose quickly, and I need to remember that! These pictures were also taken later in the day than Week 1 and with more water/food. WEIGHT=127lbs.

Fitness Challenge Update

My bellybutton totally didn’t go back to normal after Noelia due to Diastasis Recti. Can you tell?! Any other Mama’s relate? Peep those little stretch marks, too! No shame at all!

I wanted to take these in the mirror as well since the lighting was a little better. This is completely relaxed, unfixed, and full of water/food. My booty is my driving force for this challenge. It’s my blessing and my curse!

New Macros:

Training day(Medium)   120pro, 305 carbs, 50 fats

OFF day(Low)                 120pro, 200 carbs, 50 fats

High Carb day(High)(Tuesday) 120pro, 380 carbs, 40 fats

Vitamin tablet every morning! Vitamin C tablet after every workout. Hit 20g FIBER daily.


Here is my heavy back day with biceps:

 4 sets each exercise, 5-10 rep range, the weight varies on how I feel

 Wide-grip Lat pull down

  1. 60 pounds for 10
  2. 70 pounds for 10
  3. 90 pounds for 6
  4. 100 pounds for 5

Make sure you are pulling down equally on both sides and come down to your chest

Seated cable row

  1. 60 pounds for 10
  2. 70 pounds for 10
  3. 80 pounds for 6
  4. 80 pounds for 5

Wide-grip bent-over row with barbell

  1. 40 pound barbell for 10
  2. 50 pound for 6
  3. 50 pound for 6
  4. 50 pound for 5

Assisted pull-up machine

  1. 70 pounds for 10
  2. 80 pounds for 8
  3. 80 pounds for 6
  4. 80 pounds for 5




Barbell curl

  1. 30 pounds for 10
  2. 35 pounds for 8
  3. 40 for 5
  4. 40 for 5


Cable rope hammer curl

  1. 40 pounds for 10
  2. 50 pounds for 8
  3. 50 pounds for 8
  4. 50 pounds for 6


Single-Arm Dumbbell curl

  1. 20 pounds for 10 (each arm)
  2. 20 pounds for 10
  3. 25 pounds for 5
  4. 25 pounds for 5

How are you guys doing with your fitness/health resolutions?? Remember this lifestyle is not a seasonal sport, it is truly a lifestyle!

Have any questions or comments? Leave a comment below or shoot me an email! Keep that grind up!

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