Week 6 Fitness Challenge // Progress & Update

Happy Thursday, loves! I am on Week 6 of my fitness challenge and I am so excited that my body is finally responding! My weight has been dropping slowly with minimal cardio and high food. We finally found the sweet spot!

It took me about 4 weeks to really get the ball rolling, which was indeed frustrating but definitely a time of mental growth. I had so many thoughts go through my head during that time…

“This isn’t working so maybe I will try again another time”

“I’m just going to eat the amounts I think are right and see if that will work”

“Maybe I need to cut more food and do more cardio”

Mental toughness does not come during the easy times, but through the difficult ones when there is a reason to be tough. I was totally reminded of this! With that being said, progress and change sometimes take time which is why it is so incredibly important to stick to the path and be confident through it all. So many people give up on their health and fitness journey the first few weeks. Why? A lifestyle change is hard, and the farther away you are from goal the harder you’re going to have to work. That is just the reality of it! Our bodies naturally do not want to change. It wants to stick to where it is at and cling to your current body fat levels. This is why drastic weight loss in a short amount of time is not only unhealthy, but dangerous, as rapid weight gain can occur once you are “done” with the lifestyle. After all it is a lifestyle, a lifelong journey! No quick fixes, no magic pills. So when the going gets tough, do not quit! Our bodies need time and our health is worth the short waiting period.

So my weight started at 127 and I am now averaging 124. This is a perfect pace for someone of my size and structure. Mind you, I am not someone who has a substantial amount of excess weight to lose, nor is that my goal. The goal is to simply tighten up my physique while maintaining as much muscle mass as possible. More muscle mass equals more calories burned at rest.

These pictures were taken mid-day, so about half a gallon of water down and half of my caloric in-take. It is still too dark to take pictures right when I wake up, unfortunately (which is the best time to take progress pictures in my opinion). These are all unflexed, unfiltered, raw images. I am starting to feel tighter around my belly button where my “mom pudge” tends to show due to diastasis recti. My thighs are starting to tighten up as well if only my done would follow suit! 😉

fitness challenge

So sorry about the terrible lighting!

Fitness challenge

The booty always looks more contained with pants on 😉

Current Macros and HIIT

Training day(Medium)   120pro, 305 carbs, 50 fats

OFF day(Low)                 120pro, 200 carbs, 50 fats

High Carb day(High)(Tuesday) 120pro, 360 carbs, 40 fats

Vitamin tablet every morning! Vitamin C tablet after every workout. Hit 20g FIBER daily.

6 rounds of HIIT every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday for a total of 24 minutes a week

Here is my hypertrophy shoulder and tricep day with HIIT:


Barbell over-head press

20 lb barbell for 20 reps

25 lb barbell for 15

30 lb barbell for 12-15

30 lb barbell for 12-15


Dumbbell side raises

7.5 lb dumbbells for 20

7.5 lb dumbbells for 20

10 lb dumbbells for 15

10 lb dumbbells for 12-15


Front raises on cable machine using bar or rope (raise to mid-face)

10 lb for 20

10 lb for 20

15 lb for 10-15

15 lb for 10-15


Dumbbell over-head press

15 lb dumbbells for 20

17.5 lb dumbbells for 15-20

20 lb dumbbells for 15

20lb dumbbells for 12-15


Tricep pushdown machine

60 lbs for 20

60 lbs for 20

80 lbs for 12-15

80lbs for 12-15


Tricep extensions on cable machine

40 lbs for 20

40 lbs for 20

50 lbs for 15

50 lbs for 15


Body-weight tricep dips

As many as you can do for 4 sets



6 rounds of 30 sec on 30 sec off on the Assault Bike (air bike)


As always, feel free to comment or email me any questions you may have about your own journey!



    • Nicky
      March 1, 2018 /

      You are so welcome, Tiffany! Keep it up!

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