Pop of Pink // Spring Fever

pop of pink

Happy Hump Day, girls! Half way through the week already! We are getting completely teased in Nebraska with the weather. There will be a few days of really nice weather and then we get slammed with the cold and snow all over again! It’s always after I wash my car, too! How things always work ;). Despite the ups and downs, I have brought out my Spring attire! It’s no secret that I lalalalove pink, but it really is the color of the season. When I saw these pink high-waisted trousers I knew they were mine! You simply cannot beat the price or that happy shade!



I have been really into espadrilles, lately. These ones I’m wearing are actually Tommy Hilfiger’s from yearrrrrs ago before they were “cool”, I guess ;). You cant beat how stylish they are but yet give you amazing comfort! I am all about wedges & heels in the Spring/Summer.

Here are a few styles that I am loving right now below. Too good, right?!

Always joining, Mama. Now that the weather is nicerishhh, Noelia tags along with us more for pictures. She loves it (most of the time, haha). I have gotten a few questions on what I am drinking and it is called the “Pink Drink” from Starbucks. Usually I am a plain iced coffee girl, but sometimes I splurge! This drink has coconut milk in it with strawberries and it is SO yummy!

Similar bodysuits

Im sure you guys can tell by now but I love Forever 21! So many styles come and go and I refuse to spend much on clothes I know I will only wear a few times. When it comes to staple pieces I will splurge, but not with a simple shirt or pants!

pop of pink

I found this pink door and I had to have a picture with it! The lighting wasn’t ideal so I will definitely be going back! I just couldn’t believe a cute little door like this existed in Omaha!

Here are a few pastel high waisted trousers I love

I hope you all have a good rest of your week and know that SPRING IS NEAR! We are already starting to make Easter plans which is insane! What are you guys doing this year? Anything special? I always love to pick out a good Easter dress…coming soon to Vida Noel!

Are you an avid pinner?! It would mean the world to me if you could pin this image below!



    • Nicky
      March 22, 2018 /

      Aren’t they so good?! Live in them!


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