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Hey, girls! This is my first beauty post and I am so excited about it! I get a lot of questions on what products I used, specifically lip products, so this was a fun post to whip together. As you can tell by a lot of these products, I love drugstore/affordable products. I don’t get too caught up in spending a fortune on makeup. If what I have works/has been working, I’m fine by that! There are a few beauty products I will definitely splurge on, but not too many as of now.



Earrings & Trinket Box

I absolutely love NYX beauty products, specifically their matte lip creams. They go on so smooth and stay on all day! They come in many colors and I purchase them at Target for under $5. I wear NYX almost everyday on my lips and the small tube usually lasts me a few months. It doesn’t leave my lips feeling dry or sticky which is what I love most about them.

beauty and nyx

beauty and kylie cosmetics

I also really love Kylie Cosmetic products. Remember when people went CRAZY over these lip kits and scoring one was near impossible?! Totally was that girl who would stalk the site when she posted a new batch…haha. I love wearing KoKo K, Candy, and Ginger. Can you tell I love my pinks and nudes/browns? You can find those colors here.

I absolutely love Two Faced products, which is why I will pay a little more for their Melted line. It has the consistency of liquid lipstick. I wear their line when I want my lips more bold and bright, like this shade shown.

I love Loreal lip liners! NYX ones often break when I use them but Loreal ones never do for me. I love this shade. TIP: For a quick morning, lightly apply lip liner and rub into center with your fingers. Apply chapstick over your lips and bam! You have a light, plump lip!


Brows! I get a lot of questions on my brows and how I shape them. I got them Microbladed back in July and it was the BEST decision. I naturally have thin brows, and one over-waxed session caused them to never grow back to normal. I was sick of trying to fully fill them in everyday and to get them to match, brows are naturally different but I REALLY would make them look different, ha. Microblading took 10 minutes out of my morning and the promise of matching brows…unless I go too fast with lining them in the A.M. ;).

For the longest time I stuck with Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow and Brow Wiz in Ebony. Since these products are on the pricier side, I decided to try the NYX version and it works just as good! I get the NYX in Espresso.

What I have learned with brows is that you should put a light brow gel over them once you have your makeup set. This makes the hair look fuller and helps the makeup stay! This product is my go-to gel and only $2!!

Last but not least, concealers! I love both of these. The Maybelline Age Rewind works wonders and is even great for countering. The IT does well with covers dark circles. Highly recommend both!

And there you have it! I know I didn’t touch on foundation, blush, highlighter, etc but I really wanted to get my feet wet with this beauty post and see how you guys liked it! I can definitely start doing more of these in the future. I really enjoy beauty and makeup, especially when I find great products that don’t cost me over $50 once I leave the store!

What do you guys want to see next?! Comment below or shoot me an email! 

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    • Nicky
      April 4, 2018 /

      I love them, too, Tiffany!

  1. Kaleigh
    April 5, 2018 /

    I always feel weary when using generic brand products because I’m afraid my skin will break out. The typical low cost = low quality fear of anyone with skin issues. What’s your take on these products in relation to skin sensitivities?

    • Nicky
      April 8, 2018 /

      Thanks for checking out this post, Kaleigh! I get what you mean by the low quality fear. I have had no issues with these products, primarily due the fact most are for your lips or small areas like under the eye, eyebrows. When it comes to products such as foundation or any powders, I have to be more careful! I have oily skin in the normal “T” zone, so I always do a trial period with certain generic brands. With all of these that I have posted, I have very pleased with them.

      Did that help?

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