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why to choose Freshpet

Hey, Friends! I hope you are all had a wonderful weekend! We have been having gorgeous weather (finally!) here in Nebraska. Weekends are so much more enjoyable when you can be outside enjoying that sweet Spring sun! For today’s post I am collaborating with Freshpet to show you all their Select Rolls. If you know me personally, you know that I am a true dog lover and a proud Golden Retriever Mama. We welcomed Bernard (@bernardthegolden) into our family this past October and he has truly been a blessing. The hubby and I strive to provide him with the best when it comes to physical activity and nutrition, so when Freshpet wanted to collab, I was all in!

Freshpet is real, all-natural pet food, fresh from the fridge. Freshpet never uses any additives or preservatives. The fridge is the only preservative it needs! It is the next best thing to a home-cooked meal for your pet, simply all natural meals that are easy to serve straight from the fridge. The rolls are easy to slice and dice and are ready to serve!

Why to choose Freshpet

Chunky Chicken and Turkey // Chunk Beef

Why I love Freshpet:

100% US Farm raised chicken is the #1 ingredient

No meat meals or By-product meals

Garden veggies you can see in the bowl

Made locally in the Freshpet kitchens in Bethlehem, PA


You can read more about what is in their meals HERE.

Why to choose Freshpet

I love how you can visibly see the vegetables in the food. Makes me happy knowing Bernard is getting a good meal!

Why to choose Freshpet Why to choose Freshpet

Bernard absolutely loves it! We do not give him wet or fresh food often, so you could say he has definitely been spoiled by his Freshpet meals! Since Freshpet meals are cooked at low temperatures, it retains the nutrients better. That means when Bernard eats Freshpet he is getting more amino acids, the basic building block that helps dogs and cats grow, thrive, and get the most out of life! Bernard is a very (very!) active dog. He is only 8 months old and has a lot of growing left which is why we strive to stay on top of his meals and the amounts he eats in day. Our fur babies are only with us for a short amount of time in comparison to our own lives, so why not give them the best?! It is the least we can do in exchange for their love and loyalty.


Curious about Freshpet yet?! Follow these links below to learn more!

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Thanks to Freshpet for sponsoring this post. Check out Freshpet refrigerated pet food, made in small batches and fresh ingredients and no artificial preservatives, for a difference you can see and your pet will feel.



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