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Some floral sweetness straight from the Camera Roll

Happy Monday, Sweet Friends! We had a busy, busy weekend over here at Casa De La Schmaderer. Brody had his first Crossfit competition and he did SO WELL! Him and his partner completely crushed it and I am so proud of them both. They earned second place out of 30 teams in their division! There is nothing more that I love than watching him do his thang. He loves fitness with a passion and it shines through every time I see him do it on a competitive level. Noelia loved watching her Daddy and I can already see a little competitive gene in her, too! For today’s fashion post, I teamed up with Dainty Hooligan to bring you this gorgeous knit maxi dress. It is the perfect dress for a sun-shining Summer day. It makes me want to head to the beach and put my toes in the sand! Or if you live in Nebraska, it makes you want to head to your local nursery to relish in the fresh blooms! Thanks, Mulhalls 😉

flourish with the perfect knit maxi

*Sees pretty, prink blooms. STOPS INSTANTLY*

flourish with the perfect knit maxi

You can find this white knit maxi on Dainty Hooligan’s website HERE 

OR search “Paradise Knit Maxi”


If there is one thing I love, it is flowers. Well, plants in general! I am not very good at landscaping and making arrangements by any means, there is just a lot of meaning behind it for me. I grew up watching my Dad landscape our house every Spring, Summer, and Fall. He would spends HOURS outside tending to his plants and creating the most perfect little corners. I remember many trips with him to the local nurseries picking up mulch, rocks, and plants. Back then I never understood the obsession…because if my Dad wasn’t working or inside tending to the house, he was outside being busy. I mean…BUSY. Building benches, installing a pond, ripping out grass, planting, re-doing the deck, and the list goes on. Every year he adds another special touch and what I love most is that almost everything has meaning. He planted a tree in the backyard with my Uncle Mark one year. Sadly, my Uncle passed away, but that tree reminds him of his Brother and I know he cherishes the memory of planting it. He planted a tree the year my brother was born and a few trees the year Noelia was born.

flourish in this knit maxi flourish in this knit maxi

My Dad even planted a Magnolia tree in the backyard for my Mom. Magnolia trees remind her of her native country, Chile. I just love that story. I definitely want to plant a Magnolia tree in our yard for the same reason…for my Mama. When I saw this pretty Magnolia in full-bloom I had to take some shots by it! What is so precious about Magnolia trees is the fact they are only in full bloom for a few weeks, and some years only one week. So when they bloom, they are extra beautiful.

As I have become older and now have my own home, I see why my Dad tended so diligently to his yard. It is not just about the looks or the curb appeal, but taking care of something helps you appreciate it. I know for my Dad, is soothes him. He loves to water his plants and grass and now I can see why. It’s very peaceful…to listen to the water spray out and to take the time to think and thank God for all of Earth’s beauty. It’s funny how things just click and make sense after some time. I appreciate my Dad’s hard work even more. What I love most about flowers, plants, and trees is that they remind us that we were made to FLOURISH. We were not meant to be complacent in our lives and our faith, but to be world changers. One of my favorite quotes of all time is from Nelson Mandela, he says “There is no passion to be found playing small…in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”


I have this quote up on my wall at work to remind me of my dreams and passions. I don’t just have them to have them, I have them to live them. Just like trees and plants, there will be times when life is less pretty. The going will get tough but once you realize your purpose and why those roots are planted, you will flourish.

So whatever you may be facing, never be afraid to bloom and to be authentic to yourself.


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