Noelia’s Big Girl Bedroom Makeover // Keeping Up

big girl bedroom makeover

big girl bedroom makeover

Hey, Loves! This post has been a long time coming and I am so excited to have it up for you all! I had the amazing and humbling opportunity to collaborate with Overstock on Noelia’s bedroom makeover into a “big girl” room. It is hard to believe we are to this point already (que the tears!) but watching her grow up into a little lady has been my greatest joy. ENJOY!

// BEFORE //

This is what Noelia’s room looked like when we first moved into our house. Red wallpaper, sad oak woodwork, and terrible paint. I was so excited to get my hands on this space and really brighten it up for our Baby Girl! We were in an apartment prior to our home so I never was able to go all out in her nursery since there were so many restrictions.

// AFTER RENO #1 //

Brody and I painted all the trim and woodwork white and added “Cascade Beige” by Behr on the walls. I knew I wanted to keep it bright by adding girly accents with the pops of pink and gold. Looking back at these pictures makes me miss her old toddler bed but that girl was ready for a big girl room! She always wants all her “babies” in her bed, and by all I mean 20 different toys, baby dolls, and stuffed animals. Poor girl barely had any room herself! But whatever works, right Mama’s?!


big girl bedroom makeover mood board


This was the mood board I sent over to Overstock during the early stages of our collaboration idea. I knew I wanted to stick with a similar theme and color scheme as I had prior.

The bed I chose can be found here!

big girl bedroom makeover

Noelia’s wall decor is from mainly Hobby Lobby and HomeGoods. Those two stores are definitely money stealers for me!

Adore the nightstands Overstock sent over. They have two drawers with plenty of space! So nice to store her favorite books in and little knick-knacks she loves to keep close. You can find the nightstands here!

Adore her little decor additions on her dresser. My favorite is the small dish with the Kate Spade quote. I found it at TJMAXX a few years ago.

Love these animal wall décor pieces!!

We chose to take the closet doors off to give her a more open feel. I love being able to see her pretty princess dresses peaking through! These curtains are also from Overstock.

big girl bedroom makeover

The rug is probably one of my favorite pieces of this whole room! It has such pretty detailing and the blush tones really compliment the rest of the room. I didn’t think I would like such a large rug in her room, but it really does create the space. You can find the rug here!

I am so very happy with this comforter set I selected. It matches perfectly with the floral theme I have going in this room. It is extremely soft and adds the perfect touch to the room. I added the Dalmatian print pillows to compliment the sheets I selected for the bed.

big girl bedroom makeover

Adore the stud detail on the headboard and footboard

big girl bedroom makeover

Some family nighstand sweetness

big girl bedroom makeover

Her wall flowers are from a local woman who makes them out of her home. If you are a local, search “Whimsical Wallflowers” on Facebook to find her!

I love love LOVE her sweet little room. I adore sitting with her on her bed reading books for bedtime and being able to cuddle with her for naps. I went back and forth whether or not to get her a twin bed or full bed when I was planning this makeover. After talking to a few Mamas, the full bed is what we decided to go with and I am SO happy we did. It is the perfect size for her to grow into and I love having the extra space for us, too. We still lay with her until she falls asleep for her naps and bedtime (our guilty pleasure!).

Mommyhood has been my greatest blessing. It has been a joy watching her grow into this little lady with her own personality. She makes me proud every single day. I know without a doubt she will be the best big sister ever one day! As she gets older, she will surely change this room yet again to make it her own and add her own spunk to it. I look forward to all the sleepovers this room will hold, the deep talks, the bedtime hugs, and all the in between. Life goes fast, Mama’s. Hold those precious babies while they are still small. Smell them, breathe them, kiss them, love of them in every way that you can. Our time with them in our homes is brief, cherish those little moments as much as you can. I am already missing those sweet baby days!

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  1. Sunshine
    July 12, 2018 /

    I would love to know your tips or even a post about painting woodwork/baseboards white – I want to paint mine but worried about carpet!

    • Nicky
      July 12, 2018 /

      Hey, Sunshine!

      Thanks for taking the time to look at the blog and for your comment! This is a really good question and I have definitely learned the hard way.

      When we first painted baseboards in a room, we sanded it well and taped it off the best we could. We also used a drywall spackle to push down the carpet around the trim. We weren’t too concerned since it is carpet that needs to be replaced sometime soon, anyway. When we were all done and the tape came off, I was sooooo disappointed! Parts of the carpet were stuck on the trim, little fibers were stuck, some paint leaked down into the carpet, it just was not how I would have liked it. So when we did the next room, we took the baseboards OFF the wall. We removed all the old nails, sanded well, and painted them on tarps. We then nailed them back on the walls and simply filled in the holes with wood filler when it was all said and done. Highly recommend to do it this way. It is a lot more work but it is so much more clean.

      I hope this helps!

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