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Hey, Loves!! It has been a BUSY one over here! I have been wanting to write and blog about so many things but time has gotten away from me! Brody and I strive to make Summer super fun for Noelia. We love to take little weekend trips when we can and always plan one vacation when able. We have gone to Kansas City and Yankton, South Dakota so far this Summer. I was also fortunate enough to take a Las Vegas girls trip with my Mama. We went for a few days and saw Jennifer Lopez in concert and it was beyond AMAZING. UGH! I am still shook by it! I have been wanting to write a Summer round-up post of all our trips with personal photos from my camera roll. Would you guys like that?! I always love sharing the more personal posts. I think it definitely helps me connect with you guys and lets you all in on our little life :).

Since I have been on a few small trips so far this Summer I felt it would be a good idea to write a blog post on staying on track with traveling by following a few small tips. I think we all get that “blahhh” feeling after having a getaway. Your schedule gets a little messed up (especially if there is a time change), eating tends to be off, being active can be difficult, and your liquid intake usually is low. I know for me, I do not drink nearly as much water when I am traveling. I get too busy and don’t even think about it until I am left with a headache! I used to be super up-tight about still being “strict” on trips. I still am at times, but ever since I became a mom I realized that it is “okay” to let loose. I don’t want Noelia to grow up wondering why mom isn’t eating this or that, or why Mom won’t do XYZ since she has to workout. I want everything we do to be about her and if there is extra time, I will devote it to working out. But lets be honest, usually Brody and I are exhausted by the end of a vacation day and just decide to connect with each other instead of train! Which honestly, took us some time to really realize we needed. Working out will always be there.

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When it comes to traveling fit, I have learned that the easier you make it on yourself, the better. If you don’t have to stress about something, than don’t! I am honestly still trying to take my own advice with that one. I want to look back at all our traveling memories and be happy, not the grouchy mom who had to fit a workout in. So here you go loves, I hope you can benefit from each of these tips!

Tips to Staying on Track with Summer Travel

  1. Drink water, and A LOT of it. I know this can be difficult. I always carry around with me a shaker bottle full of water. I mean always! I don’t always hit my desired amount, but I definitely try my best. This definitely is important if you plan to eat out more than usual.
  2. Always carry a healthy snack with you. This could be a meal bar, protein shake, almonds, rice cakes, etc. The list goes on! This helps to not completely binge by the time your next meal comes. Never go hungry if you don’t have to!
  3. Tying in with number two, still eat small meals throughout the day. A lot of people when they travel like to eat two or three large meals and thats it. Fat storage is more likely to happen this way, especially if you are on a more “veg” trip like the beach.
  4. Choose to walk. If something is close to you, or if there is a quick errand you need to run, choose to walk! How many times do you have to run to the gas station for something by your hotel? Most times, these gas stations are super close. Choose to walk there instead of drive!
  5. Try to stay on top of your sleep! I know, I know…its vacation! Why should I have to worry about sleep?! When you get lack of sleep, it puts stress on the body and causes you to hold on to fat. It is much easier for you to gain weight when your body is under stress than not. So if you are able to sleep in an extra hour or so, do it! Or take that nap if it fits into your traveling schedule.


I hope you guys enjoyed this quick post! I have soooo many blog post ideas that I cannot wait to get out there, so thank you all for sticking around despite the lack of posts! Being a working Mama trying to blog is no joke, y’all! 😉 I truly do enjoy it, though. I love being able to share with you all my creative side on my little corner of the web.

If you enjoyed this post, share with me below! As always, if there is anything I can expand on or add, feel free to let me know! XO






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