Rust // The Must-Have Color for Fall

Happiest of Mondays, Loves! Totally beaming over here about having a fashion post up, finally! We are full-speed ahead in our busy season over here at Casa De La Schmaderer. Brody is back to coaching football and teaching again, so that means this Mama is solo a majority of the time. It is definitely not my most favorite time of year, but I try to remember that my Husband is doing his passion and what makes him happy makes me happy! Today’s post is all about the must- have color for Fall; rust! I am wearing a gorgeous dress by Vici and it is MUST. It is one of those dresses that I could wear everyday if I could because I feel that flippin’ fab in it!

This dress also comes in more colors and you can shop all of them HERE.

It is crazy to me how fast Summer time comes and goes and it only gets faster each year! Brody’s schedule only really allows us to travel and do “fun” things in about a 6-8 week span, so we try to cram as much as we can in that timeframe. We took a lot of weekend trips and did one week long vacation to Arizona (which we absolutely LOVED). Noelia is at that age where traveling is so much easier yet so much harder at the same time. She is old enough to entertain herself (for the most part) and her need for naps is lessening. She enjoys exploring and seeing new things but if she is NOT in the mood, then forget it! She also is not a fan of long car rides. The 3 -hours to Kansas City is about her limit (and mine, too!).

I always get anxiety and higher stress as this busy season approaches and I am trying to work on letting go of those feelings. It is really difficult to balance Brody’s schedule and my blogging schedule. Our “free” time is dedicated to taking blog pictures, working on the house, and ensuring our time with Noelia is spent well. This topic is truly for another blog post…the juggling act. But I am trying…asking for that Grace…reminding myself that we cannot do it all and do it all well. If we are spread too thin, the things that truly matter suffer and we have seen the consequences of that (again, another blog post!).

So, here’s to looking at this season with a fresh, positive perspective. After all, that is what life is all about. For type A people like myself, this can be very hard, but I am trying!

Feeling like a Disney Princess for a minute!

This dress is so stunning in the sunlight!

 // Rust Colored Dresses/Jumpsuits I am loving! //

What are you favorite trends for Fall?! I love booties and layering light layers such as flannels and thermals. Eek! Actually getting excited over here…but once that first frost comes I will be out, ha! Keep an eye out for more Fall trend looks to come and glute day will be up later this week!

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