Leather Jackets You Need Now

leather jackets you need now

Hello my Beautiful readers! I hope you all had a fantastic week! Things are finally slowing down a tad over at Casa De La Schmaderer, thankfully! Brody’s football schedule has slowed down a bit and we celebrated Noelia’s birthday this past weekend so no more planning for this Mama. I wanted to round up a couple leather jackets that you need NOW for today’s blog post! A good leather jacket will always be a great Fall/Winter staple and definitely worth the splurge on a good, quality one. I used to go “cheap” on my leather jackets in the past. You know…the ones that look all slippery and couldn’t pass for the real deal even if I tried…ya, that kind! As I get older (I hate saying that) I have started to really invest in pieces of my wardrobe that I know I will wear year after year.

leather jackets you need now leather jackets you need now

The time of year that every blogger is playing in the leaves 😉

I purchased this leather jacket last year and I am SO glad I splurged on it. Mind you…to me this is a splurge. Remember, I am someone who usually goes super cheap! I love the zipper detailing on it and how form fitting it is. I am wearing a size small. If you are in-between sizes, I would definitely size up! The good thing about Nordstrom is their amazing return policy, so even if it doesn’t work, returns and exchanges are always a breeze with them! BlankNYC is a great brand and I have been happy with every single piece I have gotten from that brand!


leather jackets you need now

Forever in love with this embroidered number! UGH! I will own this baby until all the studs fall off! I wear this jacket often and it is the most complimented article of clothing I own. Everyone just loves it! I have linked a few similar options below. I am wearing a size Small and it is also by BlankNYC. This jacket doesn’t have as snug of a fit and I would say more true to size.

What is your favorite closet staple? Hopefully you love these leather jackets as much as I do! What kind of fashion posts do you guys want to see? Do you enjoy quick round-ups like this or more detailed? Always feel free to let me know your honest opinion! I do this for you guys and I love it more than anything.

Leather Jackets You Need Now

Enjoy your weekend, Babes!

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  1. November 15, 2023 /

    Your emphasis on the durability and investment-worthy nature of leather jackets is spot-on. It’s a reminder that when chosen wisely, a leather jacket can be a long-lasting and versatile addition to any wardrobe.

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