Small Wins Lead To Big Wins // Wednesday Wisdom

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Small Wins Lead To Big Wins // Wednesday Wisdom October 31

Have you ever felt stuck? Defeated, even? Have you ever felt like your goal is unachievable and you don’t even know why you keep trying? I have felt all of these things and so much more this past year. I have felt them with blogging, with being a wife, with being a mom, and  in every other area of my life. I am naturally someone who wants to do the most all of the time. And the busier I get I realize, I just cant do that. There is nothing I cannot do, but I cannot do it all [at once]. I am a dreamer, a go-getter, a stubborn “you cant and wont stop me” type of person and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! I naturally set huge, lofty goals that may take months/years to accomplish…again, nothing wrong with that! But what I have realized is that when my mindset is set on the bigger picture 100% of the time, I lose sight of the small wins that I need to achieve that will get me there. I miss out on the small victories that are worth celebrated. The small yeses that are so sweet and are worth every bit of recognition. I didn’t have this mentality until my sweet Hubby spoke life into me (like he always does). There is no one more positive than Brody Schmaderer…mark my words! He knows how uptight I get, how stress easily consumes me and gets me down, and he always knows the right things to say when I need them most. Big wins do not just happen…Lady Gaga didn’t suddenly become Lady Gaga. That girl WORKED and HUSTLED her way to be Lady Gaga and I love watching interviews of her as she discusses her journey to being a “star”. She describes how she would carry her keyboard piano all around New York knocking on the doors of bars, clubs, venues, ANYTHING that would allow her to play and show her passions. She knew what she wanted and she went for it relentlessly and I don’t doubt for a second that every one of those small bar shows holds a special place in her heart for it got her to where she is today.

Small wins are beautiful. Every time a brand says no to me (happens often) I can easily get upset and start to think “Well, what’s wrong with me?” but I must force (yes, force!) perspective to allow it’s way in…instead of a negative I must think “At least I got pitching practice!” “I am not their cup of tea at the moment and that is okay” “Just because one door doesn’t open does not mean 5 other ones will”. I have had many small wins with blogging and influencing and I am grateful for them all, even the ones that didn’t seem like a win. They all lead towards to ultimate goal! I know God has my back and I find peace in that!

What small wins are you not recognizing in your life? Maybe your goal is to lose 20 pounds, but you have only lost 5. Celebrate those 5 pounds! It took work to get there! Are you a mom who is exhausted but your babies are happy? Celebrate their happiness. Are you a Dad that works long hours and comes home late? Celebrate the fact you have a job and are providing. We cannot get to those big, God size dreams without the small ones being lived out. Embrace it!


Just a fun little song to brighten up your Wednesday! I have been loving her Sweetener album lately.





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    This really blessed me today
    I am now a new fan


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