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fitness tips for enjoying Thanksgiving dinnerFitness Set by Fabletics

Happy Hump Day, Loves! Only one more day until Thanksgiving, can you believe it??! We are hosting Thanksgiving this year at our house for the first time and I am so excited! Sure, its a lot more work but I truly love hosting. There’s nothing like opening up your home to those you love! Then there is the convenience of not having to go anywhere…BUT you gotta clean up 😉 haha. For today’s fitness post I wanted to give you all fitness tips for enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with no guilt. If you are like me, you LOVE to smash on some yummy food..but about an hour or so after that heavy feeling starts to kick in and you don’t feel so great after all. There is nothing wrong with consuming a cheat meal…but setting yourself up for it will ensure you can walk away with no guilt (and less “heavy”).

fitness tips for enjoying thanksgiving dinner

fitness tips for enjoying Thanksgiving dinner

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Ever since I got into health and fitness as a lifestyle, there have been times where finding balance between being strict and splurging have been hard. I can never, ever look at food the same. I dissect every meal I have in front of me, scanning for approximately how many grams of protein, fat, and carbs are in front of me. This is not a bad thing whatsoever, but this definitely gets in the way when I want to cheat! That guilt sinks in at times and all I can think about is how much fat I just consumed! Again, knowing what you are putting in your body is not a bad thing, I would blame my guilt on doing fitness shows 100%.


BUT there is a way to splurge and not feel that guilt! It takes a little “prep work” to do so, but they are tips that can be taken for any day that you know you’ll splurge, not just Thanksgiving Dinner.

Fitness Tips for Enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. Lessen your fat and carb content the day of. If you are able, go fat free until you eat dinner. High fat and high carb eating leads to fat gain…your body (for most people) does not like this combo. Hense that “heavy” feeling after. Try your best to lower these two macronutrients for the day so you can enjoy that yummy food!
  2. Increase your water intake. This is probably the simplest step! Increase by a half gallon or so…you will feel so much better the next day!
  3. Workout, workout, WORKOUT! I know, I know…some of you are giving me the major eye-roll right now for this one. “But its a Holiday! Im not working out!” Well I will tell you what, boo thang…if thats how your attitude is then don’t complain when New Year’s comes around and you want to lose that Holiday weight! This sounds harsh, but it is soooo true. You have to put the work in. You have to prep your body for a larger meal than what it is used to. Take at least 30 minutes and blast your body. I recommend a total body workout because your body will burn the most glycogen.
  4. Keep moving. Enjoy periods of rest but definitely keep that body in motion! Help clean the dishes, take out the trash, play with little cousins, nieces and nephews…anything to stay active!
  5. Listen to your body. Do not eat again unless you feel true hunger. If you go 6 hours after splurging and you still do not feel hunger, then you definitely ate enough calories for the day. When I feel like this, I usually will eat just egg whites before bed. Keep chugging that water and only eat when you feel its necessary. Get out of that kitchen full of goodies if you need to 😉


If you are someone that struggles to splurge at times, remember it is OKAY. As long as you know what you need to do before and after, there is no need to feel guilty. Enjoy your time with family and loved ones…eat that pie, eat those potatoes, EAT THAT TURKEY…but in moderation 😉 Happy Thanksgiving, Fam!

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