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holiday party chic

Hey, Beauties! I hope you are all having a fabulous week! It has been a miiiinute since I have posted a Fashion post so I am really excited about this one. I am teaming up with Forever 21 to bring you two Holiday Party Chic looks you are sure to love! If you have been following along for a while (especially on my @nickyschmaderer_fit) I am sure you have realized by now that I love Forever 21! The price point is great and their selection is beyyyyyond. Yes, I do get a headache too when I shop in store (so. many. racks) but shopping online for my Forever finds is where it’s at.

holiday party chic

This color is everything. I love how it has long sleeves but adds such a sexy, feminine touch with the leg slit and plunging neckline. I like to be modest…to an extent ;). I will be the first one to say that I love to feel sexy. There is just something about putting on an outfit and knowing you look like a dime-piece in it. I always want to “date” my husband and feel like I look good for him. Now don’t get me wrong ladies, we don’t HAVE to do this…our men should love us as a hot-mess, too! But I strongly believe you should still care about appearance around each other, especially when you go out and enjoy a date night. You gotta’ keep the fire burning as my Mamita would say. Plus, Brody sees the hair-up, no makeup, sweat pants Nicky way too often so when I get dressed up I go. for. iiiit.


Sock booties have been my go-to this past Fall and Winter. I own about 3 pairs now, I cannot get enough! The ones I am wearing are from Lulu’s and you can find them HERE. Below are similar options with different price points.


holiday party chic

Cannot get over this emerald velvet!! All the heart eyes! I paired it with a fringe cropped cardigan that I have linked below also. The dress sold out before I was able to get this post done, but above are other Forever 21 velvet dresses I think are so cute, too! What I love most about Holiday Party looks is that they can be paired with or without tights and you can get two completely different looks. For these looks, I decided to go sans-tights but I will definitely do another post with some fun tights.

Back to my thoughts on Forever 21! Like I said above, Forever is great if you are looking for something quick and trendy to wear to an event, but I will be honest and say they are definitely not investment pieces. The quality is average (if not poor at times) and you can usually only get a few wears out of an item before its shrunken or faded. As for me, If I know I am only going to wear a certain look or trend a few times anyway, I would rather do so for cheap!

So here’s to rocking those Holiday parties, Ladies! Below I have linked some more pieces from Forever 21 that will be sure to get you glowin’ for the night!



// Forever 21 Holiday Party Looks //


Huge THANK YOU to Hotel Deco in Omaha, Nebraska for allowing us to shoot these looks!

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