First Trimester Pregnancy Questions

first trimester pregnancy questions  Hey, Loves! Last week I announced on my Instagram (@nickyschmaderer_fit) that I am pregnant with our second baby! It has been a crazy few months trying to keep this little angel a secret! We found out on Black Friday but kept it a complete secret from our families until Christmas Day! Talk about a hard task to follow through with! I asked you guys a few days ago on my Instagram Stories about any questions who may have for me regarding pregnancy and the first trimester and so I rounded up most of them for my first pregnancy post! I seriously cannot wait to blog and document this pregnancy. I have so many outfit ideas, content ideas, fitness ideas, I mean EEEEEK!! It’s like bubbling up inside me! So stay tuned for all that 🙂


First Trimester Pregnancy Questions

How/When did you find out?

We found out on Black Friday! We took two pregnancy tests at home and both were positive. I know some women like to take a bunch of tests but I thought two yeses was enough validation! We really were (still are!) sooo happy. We just knew I was so the confirmation made it that much better.

What were your very first pregnancy symptoms?

Other than a missed period, I could smell EVERYTHING. Small smells started to bother me, too. I would ask Brody, “What is that smell?!” He would have no clue what I was talking about, but it would be something so small normal Nicky probably wouldn’t have caught on to it either. I was also caving into all my cravings like crazy! I normally splurge here and there but I was non-stop with the splurges! Brody also said my boobs were changing. My nipples started to become larger and even a tad red…funny what men notice ;).

Did you know you were pregnant before taking any tests?

Yes, but I always play devils advocate and try to not get my hopes up. Sounds silly, but I don’t deal with disappointment well so I would rather push it aside until I have a for sure answer. I definitely knew, I just tried to “keep my cool”! The craving caves were a dead giveaway for me and my heightened sense of smell.

Have you guys been trying long? I feel like the age gap between Noelia and baby is perfect!

Thankfully, no! I got off my birth control towards the end of August. We both knew it was time to start trying since Noelia had just turned 3 and we didn’t want a large age gap like we had with our siblings. Both Brody and I are 6 years older than our brothers and we personally thought that age gap was too big. I was never super close with my brother growing up and neither was he. More factors go into that than just age gap but we definitely didn’t want to wait that long. To be honest, I was never ready. I am so Type A. I plan everything, I am naturally selfish, and change can be hard on me. Noelia was a “hard” baby the first year. She hated bottles, hated pacifiers, and she basically used me as her own personal pacifier her first year of life. I co-slept with her because it was the only way either of us could sleep and I couldn’t leave her for very long knowing she needed to eat. She was booby obsessed! I wouldn’t change any of that for the world and I am so thankful she was such a hard-core breastfeeder but I was EXHAUSTED. Even when she started solids, she still loved her boob.

I really did not feel like a normal person until maybe she was a year and a half. Brody and I took a small trip to Vegas when she was about 20 months old and that was my first time leaving her for a few days. It was SO HARD!! With all that being said, I was never ready but when are we ever?? There never is a perfect time and playing the “lets wait until dot dot dot” game is just silly.

We found out in October that I was pregnant so it really did not take us long at all. We really just put it in God’s hands and knew it would happen when it was supposed to happen. Fertility is such a sensitive subject for many and I know getting pregnant can be a difficult journey. My heart goes out to all those women and couples that experience infertility. Know that God is in control!

When will you know the sex?

We will know in March! I would honestly love to wait until the birth to find out but I am such a planner I don’t think I could handle not knowing! Brody and I will find out during the anatomy ultrasound then hold a gender reveal party soon after. He wants to shoot his gun at a balloon on a target that will explode the color to reveal the sex. I’m like whatever you want, babbbbbe. But really, I think it will be fun!

Have you felt sick yet?

Not at all, thank the Lord! I had some morning sickness with Noelia but absolutely none with this little babe. I don’t feel a thing honestly other than my uterus expanding and my waist thickening. Before we had our first Doctor’s appointment I was anxious all the time that something was wrong since I had no symptoms of sickness. I felt more tired than normal, but I cut way back on my caffeine intake right away. Not having a Bang Energy Drink a few times a week has been a real struggle!

Is there anything you will do differently in this pregnancy?

I would like to say I did really well with my first pregnancy carrying Noelia. I gained the recommended weight and I was active the entire time. I actually went to the hospital a few hours after leaving the gym and I had Noelia the next morning. I am definitely more calm this time around but I also have new worries. “How will I handle two kids?” “How will I love another baby the way I love Noelia?” “What if Noelia doesn’t do well with the new baby?” The list goes on! For this pregnancy my main goals would be to stay active, keep my eating under control, and to simply ENJOY the journey. Pregnancy can be a huge challenge and a sacrifice, but it is such a beautiful thing.

Have you ever had a miscarriage?

Thankfully, no. Anything can happen at any point in a pregnancy. I pray every night that God protects our little babe…that He allows my body to do it’s part in helping them flourish and that they “bake” up until it is ready to come see the world!

What do you do to help yourself sleep?

Right now sleep is not an issue but once you hit 20-some weeks they recommend that you strictly sleep on your sides. I love to sleep on my back most of the night so this was a huge adjustment with Noelia. I bought one of those long pregnancy pillows that look like a worm and it helped tremendously!

How much weight did you gain with your first pregnancy? How long did it take you to lose it?

I gained 30 pounds with Noelia and I was at pre-baby weight 8 weeks postpartum. I did NOT look the same, though. My stomach was still very flabby and my booty was thiccc. I went pretty balls to the wall fitness and nutrition wise after Noelia while still breastfeeding so I am definitely proud of that. I hope I can do that same after this babe but again…it is not the most important thing in the world. It took 9 months to make a baby so give yourself at least 9 good months to set a decent goal.

Does food you used to love taste strange to you now??

There are a few things that I cannot eat right now due to smell; chicken, some vegetables, and other random things that make me gag for no reason! My cravings are a lot similar to when I was carrying Noelia. I crave fruit the most and juice but with this babe I also crave CHEESE.

Best workouts right now?

I haven’t had to modify too much yet! I definitely do not do any ab work. I got Diastasis Recti (separation of the abdominals) with Noelia so I am steering clear of anything that is core focused (crunches, leg raises, planks, etc.) I know that getting DR is inevitable for some women but I want to do the best I can to not make it any worse. I will be doing a lot of workout videos and tips throughout my entire pregnancy so be sure to always be checking my social channels for that content! SPOILER ALERT: YouTube coming soon 😉

Tips to conceive?!

Gosh…this can be a tough one since we all have different bodies and genetic make-ups. I have been blessed by my fertility because I know the subject of infertility is so sensitive to many women and families. I would say start with the obvious….get off Birth Control before you think you will be “ready”. We had no clue how long conceiving would take us since I had been on BC for a few years. Some women get pregnant in days, some weeks, some months, and some YEARS. We really just decided that it would happen when it was meant to happen (if at all). Be sure to rid your body of what hurts you; alcohol, smoking, drugs (like, duh), and high processed foods. Drink high amounts of liquids, especially water, and keep an active lifestyle. Also….do the deed often…because, DUH. Also, Prayer…and ‘lots of it!

first trimester pregnancy questions

We are so incredibly blessed by this little blessing. I thank you all for reading this post and for sending your questions my way! Please continue to do so. I love answering them. It allows me to connect with you all in sharing my thoughts, struggles, and tiny victories! Who else is pregnant?! Leave a comment below with how far along you are! If you are someone trying to conceive, my prayers are with you. God is in control. Always.




  1. Rachael Gross
    January 16, 2019 /

    Yay!! Congratulations!! I’m 29 weeks along and I love seeing other mamas pregnant at the same time.

    There’s just something about being surrounded by women struggling and enjoying the same special moments.

    Definitely would love to see outfit tips and tricks on a budget. That was hard to navigate the first (and who am I kidding, the second) time.

    Congratulations again. I love the posts!

    • Nicky
      January 16, 2019 /

      Hey, Rachael!

      Thank you for stopping by the blog and taking the time to read my post! I agree, I love connecting with other women that are going through the same thing! You will definitely see those types of posts coming up!

      Again, thanks for reading!


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