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Wow, can you all believe we are into 2019?! I literally sound SO OLD just saying that! I remember when it was just 2000, then 2010, and now 2019?! Life really does go past in the blink of an eye. New Year’s brings the feeling of a “new start” to so many people. The turn of the New Year is a chance to start again for many and the opportunity to get better. For the majority of those that compile a New Year’s Resolution list, health and fitness are usually at the top. Today I wanted to talk to you all about Fitness & Health Resolutions that are goal worthy & attainable. When it comes to health and fitness goals, small wins lead to big wins. It is okay to have a big goal (like lose 20 lbs), but often the road to the full weightloss is cut short by disappointment and most quit their journey. We are such a “I WANT IT NOW” society, but the health and fitness journey is one that can be slow and sometimes frustrating. Patience, my Friend!

fitness and health resolutions health and fitness resolutions

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I remember when I first started feeling like I needed to make some health choices for the better. I was a Freshman in college. No, I did not gain the “Freshman 15”, but rather the loss of all physical activity. When I was in High School, I was incredibly active. I was on the Dance Team that was active year-round, two show choirs, and the infamous school musicals. I was a BUSY-BODY, and I still am! When I got to college, I lost all of that. I no longer danced and I no longer had choir activities to look forward to. I went from being incredibly active to nothing at all and that definitely affected my health both physically and mentally. I also went through a few bad break-ups with my High School boyfriend which did not help my health either. I never had a bad relationship with food, but I definitely developed a bad metabolism. Mixing that with low physical activity definitely resulted in some unwanted weight-gain.

New Years of my Freshman year (2010 into 2011) I decided I wanted a change. I knew I wasn’t feeling nor looking like myself and I needed to get things in check! I have grown up watching my mom workout at home. Almost everyday my Mom would pop in a workout video and do a good two-hours. Some of my early memories are of watching my Mom workout. She always took the time to workout and I never truly understood it until I found my own passion for it! I will always give thanks to my Mom for being a role-model in that aspect because her videos are what helped me make a change. That New Year’s I decided to pop in one of her infamous videos and simply start. I really didnt know what I was doing but I just watched and listened. From Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper, to random 80’s fitness chicks in thong bodysuits over tights (strangest fitness fad…) that was the start to my health journey.

health and fitness resolutions health and fitness resolutions

I stayed consistent with my Mom’s videos for a few months a even got my toes wet in the College gym. I had no idea what I was doing in there but I would say it was an A for effort! I had no idea about weight training at the time so I stuck to short cardio sessions on the stairs or elliptical. It wasn’t too much later that I met someone that changed my life forever; Brody. He came into my life like a wildfire and completely changed my life. Not only did I find the love of my life, but I found someone that saw my desire to be better and was there to help. Brody taught me the ins and outs of the gym, specifically weight training. He taught me how to work each muscle group and what machines/exercises did what. It was quite overwhelming, but Brody was there every step of the way. We worked out together almost everyday and from then on out the Nicky Schmaderer (then Jones) Gym Rat was created. I was hooked. Over the next few months and years I watched my body transform, but even more so my mind. It is crazy what a good body TLC can do! I went on to compete in 3 fitness shows and one being 11 months after I had our daughter, Noelia.

Health and fitness is not a quick fix, a diet, a pill, a phase, or a procedure. This lifestyle is just that…FOR LIFE. Sure, there will be plenty of ups and downs but when you do things the right way, your body loves you for it.

5 Goal Worthy & Attainable Health & Fitness Resolutions

1.Drink more water. Shoot for at least one gallon a day! You will be surprised how much better you look and feel just by drinking more water and I can promise you that you will lose up to 5 pounds by doing so consistently! Just by drinking water!

2. Join a gym or a fitness group. Gyms and classes can be a scary place for a lot of people, but if you are not motivated to workout at home on your own, then it is time to let go of that fear. I was definitely there–the gym is intimidating when you do not know what to do! The best thing you can do, though, is use their services and use those around your for accountability. I am one that works out “harder” when I am surrounded by others. It is just a mental thing for me, I like being surround by those with likeminded goals!

3. Get rid of bad habits. Reduce pop consumption, fast food, chips, candy, anything that you know isn’t the best for you. Everyone knows what these things are, so just do it! Only YOU can control what you put in your body.

4. Be kind to your mind and body. Positive thinking is everything. Calling yourself names like fat, fluffy, pudgy, etc does nothing for yourself. Health and fitness is not just about your physical, but your mental is just as important. They go hand in hand!

5. Reward yourself. Every time you reach a small goal, give yourself some well deserved goodies (and I don’t mean a cheat meal!). Maybe there is a shirt you have been wanting to buy, or getting your nails done, or a spa day. Pat yourself on the back for what you have accomplished and use it as fuel to KEEP GOING.



Remember, health and fitness is a LIFELONG journey. I do not believe in temporary diets, quick fixes, or magic pills. I believe in hard, consistent effort. Every day. 365 days a year. Some days you will fail, and some days you will succeed greatly. Always remember that small wins lead to big wins and a failure is just a lesson.

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