Get Fit with Nebraska Furniture Mart

get fit with Nebraska furniture mart

Hey, Readers! Thank you so much for joining in on another post! This past month has been super crazy for me, but I am sooo thankful for the crazy! I had the amazing opportunity to work with Nebraska Furniture Mart a few weeks ago for their Fitness Expo. When they initially reached out to me, I am pretty sure I stared at my email for a good 45 seconds trying to process that it was real and in fact meant to be sent to ME, haha. God is so good! You will hear me say that a lot either on my Instagram (@nickyschmaderer_fit) or on here, but it is SOO TRUE. Gosh…another post on His faithfulness for sure! At the event, I was able to meet local fitness and health vendors as well as lead a fitness class! It brought me such joy and I am so glad I was able to instruct and even meet a few of my followers/readers!

get fit with Nebraska furniture mart

It was so surreal seeing my picture around the store. Seriously couldn’t believe it!

When it comes to fitness equipment, Brody and I can be super picky. We know how active we are and that what we buy will definitely get its use. When searching for parts of your home gym, our biggest tip would be to shop smart. It can be overwhelming, kinda like walking into a gym for the first time! If you are someone that is just looking for a start and is unfamiliar with equipment and what will benefit you the most, definitely do your research. Sooo many people drop hundreds of dollars on equipment and don’t even use it! Most of that is due to lack of motivation, but a lot of it is also due to not knowing what they are doing. I have totally been there…if you read my Fitness & Health Resolutions post a few weeks ago, I go into detail about this. When I first stepped into a gym I had no flippin’ clue what to do, what exercise machine would benefit me, pros and cons to weights versus cardio machines, I mean CLUELESS. The great part about that, is that IT IS OKAY. We all start somewhere. So with that in mind, knowing where you stand fitness wise before making an equipment purchase is my biggest tip.

Things to ask yourself before you buy…

What are my overall goals?

How often do I know I will be able to use this equipment a week?

Am I making this a lifestyle or just wanting to “diet down”?

Will I be the only one using this or will a spouse use it as well?

Do I have the room for it where I will have comfortable space?

For Brody and I, we love to weight train. We invested in a squatting rack, bar, bumper weights, and free weights (dumbbells). We have added a few accessories here and there like a medicine ball, bands, and a box jump.

Some of NFM’s fitness selection pictured in store at Omaha, NE location 

Nebraska Furniture Mart really does have a great selection that is not too overwhelming. Again, if you are someone who is new to using equipment, the process to buying can be daunting. You can checkout all of Nebraska Furniture Mart’s fitness and health products HERE. Below I have included my favorites and why I think they are important to the lifestyle!



MY FAVORITE! If I had to choose only two things from the above pictures to spend my money on, it would definitely be a dumbbell set and bench. There is a lot you can do with those two. The cable machines and racks are going to be the most expensive and definitely require more space, but if you have the money and space I highly recommend getting either! Checkout all NFM has to offer in strength and weight training HERE.


// CARDIO //


Even though I focus on weight training, I still think it is important to have at least one cardio machine. I like to focus on HIIT cardio (High Intensity Interval Training) which can be done on any machine. Above are 3 machines that are my favorite to use; treadmill, bike, and rower. TIP: If you have a treadmill at home or are looking to purchase one, utilize that incline feature! I always, always have the treadmill on incline (usually at 12-14). Checkout NFM’s cardio machine options HERE


// Accessories //

Brody and I have all of the above except the foam roller, which we desperately need! I love utilizing bands for my leg days and they can be used in so many different ways. The box jump is great since it has two different sides of height. See all of NFM’s fitness accessories HERE.


// To Help Stay On Track //

Ninja’s are my favorite! Ours has lasted us years and Brody especially uses it often. A scale is almost a must when you have a specific weight loss (or gain!) goal. Not pictured is a food scale which is crucial to tracking your macronutrients!


I hope this post helped you get an idea of what can best fit your goals when fitness equipment shopping! I have said it over and over and I will say it again; this is a lifestyle. Investing in your body/health is one of the best things you can do. Not only for you, but your family as well. Lead by example! Now get out there and crush it!



This post was written in its entirety by me and all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you, Nebraska Furniture Mart for sponsoring this post!

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