Staying True To You During Pregnancy // With LEGOE. Heritage

staying true to you during pregnancy

Hey, My Beauties! Happy April! We have made it past the Winter threshold! We are only 3 months away from welcoming our newest addition (I think I just had a freak out moment!).With that being said, that means this bump is growing at a rapid pace making it harder to stay true to my personal style. Don’t get me wrong, I welcome these body changes, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my days! Staying True To You During Pregnancy can be challenging, but I hope this post inspires you and helps you to remember that us preggo’s are in this together!

staying true to you during pregnancySports Bra & Joggers by LEGOE. Heritage found HERE. 

With Noelia, I had a harder time with pregnancy and all the body changes since it was my first babe and the postpartum journey scared me to be honest. I did not know what to expect afterward and other moms scared me with my with their horror stories…ya know…the bleeding, cramping, crying, no sleep, hormones out of wack, saggy skin, etc.! It freaks a girl out! Every postpartum journey is different, but of course the ones that were harder on some Mama’s tend to stick out the most. Now that I am pregnant with my second, my nerves aren’t there as much and I am handling the body changes with more ease! That doesn’t mean I don’t have my hard days, believe me I do, but knowing the end result of the miracle I am creating keeps me going 🙂 Staying True To You During Pregnancy can be hard, but one way you can make the 9 Months (and after!) easier, is through your personal style. It can be challenging styling the ever-changing bump, but with companies like LEGOE. Heritage, it makes the journey that much easier (and more fashionable!).

When I was pregnant with Noelia, I didn’t buy a single maternity item. I was mostly pregnant during warm/hot months, so dresses and rolled down shorts were my go-to! With this babe, a bulk of my pregnancy was during the Winter and Spring when its very cold in the Winter and chilly in the Spring, so I have had to get a little more creative! Luckily, I found LEGOE. at just the right time! Their pieces are so versatile and can be worn during and even after pregnancy! I love the quality of their pieces and how they are so soft to the touch. I have had so many people ask me where I got my Harlem Joggers from, and they are shocked once they discover it is from a “Maternity” brand. They are just that cuuuute! And they Sports Bra?? It is also a nursing bra AKA Win Winnnnn!
Bumpin’ and Proud!!
That 24 week belly! I would say I am about the same belly size as I was with Noelia this time around. Some say I am carrying just as high, and some say lower. The gender is yet to be revealed to world so it is so fun to hear everyone’s guesses on what gender our second babe will be! Any guesses?? I would love to hear in the comment section! Are you Team Boy or Team Girl??
The sweatshirt is especially nice since it has zippers on the side to accommodate to the growing belly! You can find a similar style HERE. This one is sold out.
If I were to see these pieces in a store just hanging, I would never have guessed they were maternity. LEGOE. Heritage does such a great job at making pieces that wont hinder your personal style, and this Mama appreciates it greatly! With everything else changing around you in some way, it is nice that there are companies like LEGOE. that help you stay true to you 🙂

Here are some tips to Staying True To You During Pregnancy:

1. Size up on clothes you would normally wear. Whether it be a dress, a bodysuit, a shirt, I always go one size up. Also, sizing up in boyfriend jeans make the perfect jean look for that preggo body!
2. Stay Active. This helps clear your mind and helps your body through all the changes. It is so incredibly important for you AND baby! Feel free to checkout my YouTube (search Nicky Schmaderer) for pregnancy workout videos and tips!
3. Continue to do your hair and makeup. As much as doing so can get excessive or tiring when you’re pregnant, glamming yourself up a bit always helps make you feel better!
4. Still make time for friends. Allow them into your pregnancy, especially the friends that do not have children yet. I was the first of my friends to have kids and the transition what a bit hard. Not everyone will understand your new Mommy role and life, but the best you can do is allow them in before hand and get honest with them about how you’re doing.
5. Treat yourself every now and then! Get your nails or hair done, or buy something new to wear after baby. I remember those first few weeks after I had Noelia I got my nails done and it felt so refreshing. Something so small like that really lifted my spirits after such a huge life change! This time around, I am striving to do it more often before baby comes as well.
Remember, good days and bad days are going to happen with pregnancy…but the end result is one that you will forever cherish! For more maternity styles, check out LEGOE.’s website at
This post was written in its entirety by me and all opinions on LEGOE. Heritage are 100% my own. Thank you, LEGOE. Heritage for sponsoring this post!


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