Calorie Friendly Starbucks Drinks

calorie friendly Starbucks drinks

Hello my lovely Readers! Today’s post is for all you COFFEE LOVERS…or Starbucks lovers in general: Calorie Friendly Starbucks Drinks! Starbies will forever have my heart. I used to work there!! I love being able to say that I was a former Barista 🙂 I am still pretty confident that I could get behind a counter and whip up a Caramel Macchiato in 2 minutes flat or less. It’s like muscle memory! I was a Barista for about 5 years and within those 5 years I learned a lot about the ins and outs of drinks and what makes them super yummy butttttt not so diet friendly (Frappuccinos for example).  It was while I was working at Starbucks that I started learning & living a more healthy lifestyle. I was learning how to read nutrition labels for my personal diet and competitions and that knowledge made me look at all those drinks wayyy differently!! I was drinking WHHATTTT?!!!


I know, I know! “It’s just a drink!” but depending on what you’re drinking that “drink” can be the equivalent to a meal calorie wise (and not good calories, usually). When I look at a label, I am always checking the main macros; fat, protein, and carbs. Below is a label of a Grande Caramel Frappuccino:

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This is how the drink is made with no alterations using whole milk and whipped cream to top it off. These babies used to be one of my favvvvvvs (that high school diet, though), but after learning about nutrition and how to truly read labels, I am kind of sickened by how many sugars/carbs I was consuming within ONE drink. 67g of Carbs and 66g of those carbs being SUGAR…and 15g Fat?! Never again! Trust me, I am one who indulges often…but to consume that much in one drink is just too much for me. You can still get super tasty drinks by altering the recipe a bit…you will feel so much better after you drink them, too!


Here are a few of my favorites

calorie friendly Starbucks drinks

Iced Americano (Decaf during pregnancy)

1 Pump White Mocha

Splash of Soy Milk

White Mocha’s used to be my JAM, but since the white mocha does not come in a sugar free option, the white mocha drinks are loaded with sugar. After having Noelia, I developed an intolerance to milk so my Latte drinks went out the window! You can definitely replace milk with Soy or Almond milk, but an Americano is cheaper 🙂


calorie friendly Starbucks drinks

Quad Shot over Ice (Decaf during pregnancy)

1 Pump Sugar Free Cinnamon Dulce

1 Premier Protein Shake

This mixture is probably the one I share the most! I know a lot of my IG followers (@nickyschmaderer_fit) have told me this is now their go-to! It seriously tastes like an iced Mocha, but way better for you and way more protein! I love drinking this mixture when I know I will be on the-go and need my protein via shake or as a post-workout! I always make sure I still have some carbs when I drink this, I never use a Premier Protein shake to replace a meal.

calorie friendly Starbucks drinks

Americano (Decaf during pregnancy)

1 Pump Sugar Free Vanilla

1 Pump Sugar Free Caramel

Topped with Soy (and Caramel Drizzle if I am feeling sassy) 

This is my light version of the Caramel Macchiato! Still just as tasty! I am definitely an iced coffee kinda gal, but something hot every once in a while is needed! Especially here in Nebraska during the Fall and Winter months.

Kids “Pink Drink”

Ask for milk

2-3 Pumps of Raspberry (remember there is sugar in the syrup)

Ask for strawberries

Other Calorie Friendly Starbucks Drinks To Try

Grande Cold Foam Brew, 3 pumps sugar free vanilla, 1 pump hazelnut, light cream

Venti Passion Tango Iced Tea *Unsweetened Strawberry Infusion, Light Coconut Milk, Scoop of Strawberries, 2 Stevia

Dirty Chia (hot), 1 shot of Espresso, 3 pumps Chia with Almond Milk


Be sure to also checkout one of my favorite Instagram pages (@themacrobarista) to get more Calorie Friendly ideas!


**Remember if you are preggo like myself, always order Decaf Espresso. One shot alone is about 75mg caffeine and caffeine adds up quickly in a day! Starbucks teas also have caffeine in them so be sure to order a Tall (35-45mg caffeine) and to watch your caffeine content for the rest of the day**


Tag me on Instagram if you try these drinks! I would love to hear what you guys think!

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calorie friendly Starbucks drinks





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