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My goodness can you guys believe that May is almost over?! This year is just flying by and so is this pregnancy! It always seems that once May hits we are on the fast track to August. For today’s post I am teaming up with Zappos to show you all my Reef shoe picks! As a mommy, I am always look for quality pieces for Noelia. I learned fast that toddlers are constant movers and need quality shoes to keep up with their busy bodies! I love how durable Reef shoes are and they are so easy to wash!


My little fruit lover (just like Mommy)

Summer is always such a fun time for our family! My Hubby is a teacher so he gets to be home more with Noelia which I love! I love seeing them together and how much that girl ADORES her Daddy. It is so funny to see the things she enjoys to do with him versus me, like wrestling, kicking a soccer ball, and watching football.  She rarely asks me to do those things with me but with Daddy its a must! I do get a little jelly that Brody gets so much time with her in the Summer but I know my day at home with her is coming! Being a working Mama is hard, y’all. It is such a sacrifice and something that pulls on my heart allll the time. I am so thankful that I found something I am passionate about like blogging and influencing that will allow me to quit my “9-5” soon! Any other Mama’s hate going to work, too?! It’s like you know you are doing a great thing by providing for your family, but at the same time you feel a great sense of guilt for leaving your babies all day. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!



My shoes can be found HERE. Noelia shoes can be found HERE. 


We went on a little Mommy & Me date to a local lake. My baby lives outside. She could be out there all day! She definitely got it from my Dad who watches her for Brody & I while we work (Thank you, Dad!). He loves to landscape and spend time in his yard. He passed that same love onto Noelia; that girl loves to water the grass, pick the weeds, and cater to the plants. She is such a GO, GO, GO! kind of toddler that comfy, durable shoes are a must! What I love most about Reef shoes is that they can withstand a busy toddler! And again, they are so easy to wash!

Zappos has always been my favorite place to shop for deals for my family. I can often find what I am looking for at a better cost than other retailers. I love how Zappos offers such a large selection of products, 24/7 customer services, and a 365 day return policy! What I love this most is that Zappos Rewards members get free, expedited shipping! I ordered our shoes on a Tuesday and had them that Thursday waiting for me when I got home! I love online shopping, but waiting for what you bought is the worst! Thankfully, 2 day shipping makes the wait a little easier!



There is nothing like your first baby


Our last couple months together as my only baby…time flies, Mamas. Cherish every single minute! We were sure to book some fun Summer activities before Baby Girl arrives to get those last few memories as a family of 3…our lives are going to change soon and I am very nervous but excited! Noelia will be the best Big Sister and I cannot wait to watch her flourish in her new role.


Be sure to checkout Zappos for more Reef shoe selections and find the perfect ones for you and your little!

This post was written in its entirety by me and all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you, Zappos for sponsoring this post!


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