My Second Trimester of Pregnancy Round-Up

second trimester of pregnancy round-up

Hey, Loves!! It has been a hot minute since I have popped on the blog and wrote a post. My apologies! Life is nothing short of crazy over here and now that I am in the Third Trimester of my pregnancy I am in extra FREAK OUT mode ;). Time just flies when you’re adulting! We will get all into our lives lately here in a minute! Today’s post is all about my Second Trimester of Pregnancy Round-Up. I will be talking about all areas of life lately and how we are preparing for our next Baby GIRL. OH YEAH, in case you don’t follow along on Instagram (@nickyschmaderer_fit), we announced on Easter Sunday that our newest additional will be a Girl, eeeeeek!!! Pink will forever reign in our household…at least for now 😉

Second Trimester of Pregnancy Round-Up

// Fitness //

second trimester of pregnancy round-up

Like I stated in my First Trimester post, I am very fortunate to have great pregnancies. I feel good, I have great energy, and I can still do most things that I did prior to pregnancy in all areas of life. I know this is not the case for many women so I do not take how I feel for granted! I do credit my active lifestyle prior to pregnancy for how good I feel. I know there are some factors that you cannot control during pregnancy that may happen out of the blue, I understand that completely! For me, I do credit my energy level and activity level for how I took care of my body prior. A body in motion stays in motion! I know not everyone may agree with this when it comes to pregnancy, but I 100% stand behind it. Sure, I have my days where I am extra tired or extra unmotivated. That is normal and I do listen to my body and take a day off when needed! But let me tell you…the best workouts happen on the days where you just want to be lazy! Mind you, there is a difference from feeling unmotivated and actually feeling worn down. It is up to you to know the difference and to know if an off day is necessary!
When it comes to my workouts, I still feel like I am having great ones! I have scaled down on the amount of weight I am pushing/pulling. I do not lie on my back for any movements (or sleeping) and I stay away from all abdominal focused work. Its hard for me because I WANT to push myself since I feel so good but I know that I need to be careful. If you haven’t already, please checkout my YouTube channel found HERE and my Instagram (@nickyschmaderer_fit) to get an idea of the workouts I do! Generally, this is how I break down my week:

Monday: Shoulders, Triceps, and 5-10 minutes of cardio

Tuesday: Leg Day

Wednesday: Chest, Biceps, and 5-10 minutes of cardio

Thursday: Leg Day: Posterior Chain

Friday: Back, Biceps, and 5-10 minutes of cardio

Saturday: Full body, anything that I am feeling!

Sunday: Rest

// Personal Style //

second trimester of pregnancy round-up


This one has been a tough one for me. It wasn’t until maybe a month ago that styling myself has been more of a challenge! I LOVE being pregnant, but that doesn’t mean I love all the body changes. It is completely okay to feel that way, Ladies! I wrote a short rant on my Instagram on THIS POST that explained it a little bit to my IG audience. I essentially said that it is hard to not be able to wear my “normal” clothes right now, to be able to walk into a store and know what I want or can wear, and to be able to wear what I want for collab photos. I had a mental breakdown with Brody while shooting images for work surrounding all these thoughts and I just knew I needed to express them on social media. There is always someone going through the same thing and I received many comments from other women/mamas that could relate! Being a woman is already hard in today’s age of social media and comparison. Mix pregnancy in with a brain like mine and it can be a recipe for disaster some days! Thankfully, I have an amazing support system from Brody and my immediate family that helps me tremendously on those off days. I am so grateful for that!
When it comes to dressing the bump, I love to keep true to my personal style as much as possible. I rarely wear maternity clothes and the only ones I do own are from brand collaborations which I am completely thankful for! I will say that maternity leggings are a true gift from the Heavens! I love how they just hug your belly and making you feel thinner than you actually are, haha. When it comes to shopping for my ever changing body, I generally stick to pieces that are stretchy like dresses, skirts etc and size up one size if needed in bottoms. I love utilizing pencil skirts. You can checkout my YouTube video on this HERE. They are so versatile since they go over your belly and you can still wear “normal” shirts with them, crop tops included! Below are some pieces I am loving right now that are bump friendly.

// Motherhood //

second trimester of pregnancy round-up



Goodness this section could be a novel! I wrote a long blog post on my thoughts lately in THIS POST. It really hit me recently that our lives are really going to change. All we know is Noelia and taking care of only her. Now that we know we are having another Girl, it is hard for us to fathom what she will be like compared to her Big Sister! Noelia is such a strong willed, unique Little Lady. We cannot imagine what another girl will be like but we are so excited to see how God made/makes the two of them different! We are very, very excited for our second Baby Girl but also nervous, haha! Probably more so Daddy 😉 A lot of people have told me that we “chose” the perfect age gap. I mean we kinda planned it??? We really didn’t know how long it took us to conceive so we definitely started trying before we were ready and God said, “Yup, the time is now!” soooo here we go! He’s funny like that 🙂 I really do think Noelia is ready for a sibling. I know it will still be a hard transition for all of us, but I think she will take it with Grace. She constantly talks about her Baby Sister and helping change diapers, etc. We will see when that time comes how she will actually be, but I believe her! She has always been a helper, a doer, a mini coach (AKA her Daddy) so I have no doubts.
I worry more so about myself than her, to be honest! The fact that I will be loving another child the way I love Noelia blows my mind! I know the love for each child is different and unique, I just cant wrap my head around it yet! Stay tuned for all of my uncertainties answered once Baby Girl is here!
We will be sure to do all the fun, Summer things before baby comes just in case we don’t get around to it once she is here. We are taking her to Scottsdale, AZ in early June and she is already SO EXCITED. We took her there last year and the girl always talks about that trip. I think she loves the flying/traveling experience. Just like her Mama! Scottsdale Round-Up will be in the works this Summer, stay tuned! HERE is the one I made last summer. Full of pictures of Noelia that I will forever cherish!


// Marriage //

second trimester of pregnancy round-up

Man, this one is another novel in itself! I feel like this pregnancy has been a lot easier on our relationship since we know what to expect for the most part. Our nerves aren’t there as much and we feel more at ease other than what I discussed above. I am a very anxious, ancy person and this is only heightened during pregnancy for me. Then add working on my business in the mix and it can be bad some days. Brody is a true trooper and does well with calming me down and dealing with it but it does interfere with our relationship at times. I wouldn’t want to work along side any other person (other than our children one day) so I will take the bad moments any day…as long as Brody can handle them ;).
The real challenge for us comes once Baby is here and we are both tired, depleted, hormonal (me), and the list goes on. Going through the “fourth trimester” stage with Noelia was tough but I think we will be able to pull through this time just fine. It will help that I am leaving my day job for good and will be home a lot more (post to come on that life transition!). Being a working Mama especially with a side business is NOT fun, but I am thankful for the hustle. Just like any relationship, there are major highs and lows and I am thankful Brody and I are able to always come out on top. He truly is the best man and his love for Jesus shines through our relationship. He keeps this family grounded and helps us all to keep God at the center! That doesn’t mean we are perfect, but we are perfect in Him.

Are you an avid Pinner?! It would mean the world to me if you could pin this image below! XO

second trimester round-up

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