Our Stay with Hotel Adeline // Scottsdale, AZ

our stay with hotel adeline

Hello, Family! Welcome to another Keeping Up travel post! We had just gotten back from California and we turned right around to the airport basically for another trip! You can checkout that travel post here. We headed down to Scottsdale, Arizona for a stay with Hotel Adeline. Let me just say…we had the BEST time! Scottsdale will forever hold a special place in our hearts ever since we visited the first time. We fell in love with the area and the culture of Arizona…and dare me to say the heat, too! We wanted to take Noelia on a small trip before Sister arrives to make a few more memories as a family of 3. I was almost 34 weeks pregnant when we traveled so it definitely had to be our last trip!

Our Stay With Hotel Adeline


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our stay with hotel adeline

The front of Hotel Adeline. I mean…HOW CUTE! The hospitality when we were greeted was like no other. We flew in pretty early in the morning and the hotel was more than accommodating to get us into a room right away. They even set us up with a pool front room which was perfect for us since Noelia was in and out of the pool all day, everyday we were there!

our stay with hotel adeline

The front lobby was CHARMING! The sign above the check-in counter said “home is where the heart is” which is so true considering how much we love Scottsdale. I would have gotten a full picture of the front but I didn’t want to make the workers uncomfortable (even though I am sure they get asked all the time).


Little Cutie 😉

The inside aesthetic is just to die for, literally GOALS! The tile work, the leather seating, the appliances, everything was so perfect to me. It definitely fits the Arizona vibe that we love so much!

The outside patio area leading up to the pool and rooms. This spot would be so perfect on a cool night with some good food…probably a future trip sans kids ;).

our stay with hotel adeline

Noelia’s first dip into the pool…well, kinda. She had her leg wrapped due to a Summer accident (post to come) so the first day the poor baby couldn’t swim. We bought a huge Unicorn Float at Target so she could sit on it and still be in the water but the poor babe was not happy after 2 minutes of realizing it wasn’t the same as swimming! We tried our best to make her happy that day but we eventually had to go back in due to Hotel Adeline’s famous pool parties. Brody and I so wish we could have stayed for it with Noelia but it was strictly 21+, no kids whatsoever which I completely understand. It actually worked out for us since Noelia couldn’t swim anyway! Again, next time sans kids this Mama will be hitting up that pool party!

I would have totally taken pictures of our room because we LOVED it but you know you’re a Mom when as soon as you walk in the stuff goes on the floor, bed, and anywhere in-between and you have a little one ancy to get the trip started….sooooo, next time!

I had a blogger dinner planned with some of the local girls that I have known and gotten close with over Social Media at a local restaurant called Farm & Craft. SO yummy! Brody was nice enough to take Noelia to a Daddy-Daughter date to the Sugar Bowl located in Old Town Scottsdale. It is the CUTEST spot. It is all pink and has a mini arcade on the inside that Noelia loves playing in. See my blog post from last year to see inside photos!

our stay with hotel adeline

Of course I had to snap a photo before dinner 😉

My girls! And the cutest one in the front ;). It was so great to connect with these babes. I truly feel so blessed by the blogger community and the relationships I have been able to make. I had never met most of these girls prior and it was like we had been friends for years! Noelia loved connecting with them, too. She always loves to be around Mommy’s friends!

From left to right:

Kimberly (@withlovefromkimberly

Makenna (@makennachristinexo)

Sara (@saragailvickers)


Melissa (@alwaysmeliss)

Jessica (@halljessicalynn)

Erin (@wink_and_a_twirl)


After Dinner we took Noelia to get Dunkin Donuts (at her request) and headed back to the hotel. That girl was TIRED. The time change was only a 2 hour difference but with kids that’s a lot. Plus she was up at 4am to get to the airport but she was such a trooper the whole day!

Walking back to our room for the night

our stay with hotel adeline

Swimsuit by Kortni Jeane

The next morning up and at em’ by 7am! First ones to the pool and this girl was SO excited she got to take her bandages off to swim! You cant see her boo-boo in this photo, but she has a decent size burn mark along her left leg. We are very thankful that it is healing up perfectly! We had breakfast by the pool this morning from the hotel kitchen and it was so yummy! Their food is definitely worth having!

our stay with hotel adeline

The pool area

our stay with hotel adeline our stay with hotel adeline

And there she goes!!! Such a happy girl she was that morning! Nearly two weeks of having a bandage on her leg and I would say this was a great way to celebrate the end of it!

No one like Daddy :). Due to my belly, Brody had to take the swimming reigns with Noelia. I was nervous of her kicking me in the stomach on accident while holding her or her jumping into my arms only to nail me right where baby is! So Mama had to watch which made for a tired Daddy, but at least he’s the best there is!

our stay with hotel adeline

Of course we had to do a little Mommy & Me in our matching Kortni Jeane suits!



I had a few collaborations to do some work for so I took advantage of the gorgeous hotel property and shot for some companies!


our stay with hotel adeline

For Sol De Janeiro

our stay with hotel adeline

For Dr. Roebuck’s

our stay with hotel adeline

For Red Dress Boutique


We didn’t venture too far off our hotel property since being in the pool and vegging was all that was on our agenda, BUT I knew we had to go to Teaspressa. I have seen so many bloggers post at this little spot and I just knew I had to go! Let me just say….FREAKING ADORABLE! It makes me want to open one in Omaha. It was the prettiest little shop and the tea was amazing (Mama had a Decaf Caramel Iced Tea).

Get it, Girl

our stay with hotel adeline


The prettiest little Babe! You Mama’s went crazy over this jumpsuit when I posted it to my Instagram (@nickyschmaderer_fit). It is the absolute cutest and I get compliments on it every time Noelia wears it. Target for the win!!

Soooo ready to go back! All the charming spots, please! Like I said in my California post, I need to do better at capturing and posting where and what we eat. We mainly ate on hotel grounds for this trip because the food was THAT good so there really wasn’t that much to show. Next time we travel to Scottsdale we plan to stay for a whole week so I definitely plan to do a more in depth travel post then!


our stay with hotel adeline

“Wander On”

Leaving our stay with Hotel Adeline. It was such a short trip but we had a BLAST. It always makes Brody and I happy to see our daughter have fun. She definitely had her crabby toddler moments, but we all do ;).

Thank you Hotel Adeline for hosting us and making us feel at home. Your hospitality and staff was top-notch and we have nothing but positive things to say about our stay! We will be back!


Be sure to watch our mini Vlog of Noelia in Scottsdale! The girl steals the show that’s for sure!



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our stay with hotel adeline


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  1. Pamela
    June 28, 2019 /

    Such a beautiful place 😀. Our family had vacation there many years ago in Scottsdale. Not the hotel. My aunt uncle 3cousins.
    Would love to go to that hotel you were at. 😍.
    Glad you all had wonderful time together before your next baby greets the world. 🤗

    • Nicky
      June 30, 2019 /

      Thanks for checking the blog! We love Scottsdale! We would (will??) definitely live there!


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