My Newborn Must-Haves

my newborn must-haves

Hey, Sweet Babes! It has been a few weeks since I have been able to update the blog. I always feel so bad when there is so much time between each post but I have definitely had a good excuse! Reina Ruby is now 6 weeks old and I am finally starting to feel like I am adjusting to everything. We definitely have our days where anything and everything goes wrong but that is to be expected. I wanted to fill you all in on what products I have been loving during this newborn phase and which ones I could probably do without; My Newborn Must-Haves. I definitely learned a few things the hard way with Noelia. How did I not have a baby carrier with her?! It would have saved me so many breakdowns with her but I am thankful I finally got one with Reina!


First things first, a mini Reina update! It is crazy to think that 6 weeks has already passed since we welcomed our Sweet Angel. She is polar opposite of Noelia in some ways which I am very thankful for! Noelia never took a pacifier or a bottle which made many days and nights very challenging. I believe it is partially my fault for not introducing them to her sooner but you live and learn! Reina takes bottles like a champ which gives this Mama a break. I never had that with Noelia. We only use the pacifier with Reina when nothing else will soothe her or to keep her occupied for a few minutes while I finish some home chores. Reina loves to be held but is perfectly content laying down on her own wide awake, too. Noelia was not like this! She insisted on being held and is still this way at times…I wouldn’t change this for the world, but it made things really hard with her. Reina also sleeps very well at night for a baby her age so I feel more rested than I ever did with Noelia. I am very thankful Reina is so happy and healthy. As a Mom, that is all you could ever want!


When it comes to baby products, it is VERY overwhelming when it is your first child. There are people left and right telling you what you need and don’t need but what I have found after Noelia is that it is very specific to each child. There are things I needed with Noelia that I don’t need with Reina and vise versa. I allowed people with Noelia sway me into thinking I needed this thing or that thing but really it was a waste of money or a product I would rarely use. I am thankful for all the help and advice I have received with both girls, but this time around I definitely felt more confident in my Mommy knowledge. My advice with products you receive as gifts is do not open ANYTHING you are unsure of and save those gift receipts! With Noelia, I opened everything out of its package and placed it in her room thinking I would use it and I never touched it. I wish I would have kept it all in it’s packaging until I knew for sure it would come in handy! This includes clothing. There were sooo many wasted outfits. I removed tags and washed everything in preparation for Noelia and 75% of the clothes she did not wear. She either grew too fast before I got to them or the style wasn’t right for the time of year. Save those tags and only remove and wash before you know you will use it!


Here are My Newborn Must-Haves

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WHY DIDN’T I HAVE THIS WITH NOELIA?! This has been a lifesaver for us with Reina. We have two; one we use upstairs in our room and one we have on our main level. I use it for Reina’s naps and use to keep her occupied while I finish work or home chores. I slide it around everywhere I go and she is perfectly content in it! The cover does come off to wash it.



Another product I wish I had used with Noelia. I think I was just too nervous like she was going to fall out or something silly like that, but my Mommy of Two confidence allowed me to finally get one of these and I am SO happy I did! If Reina is ever fussy or wants to be held constantly when I am needing to get things done I just strap her in and we are good to go! She usually falls asleep in it for me which is another added bonus. I love taking it with me when we need to go shopping or when we do things like the Zoo. This one is super easy to use and the material is very comfortable.



We haven’t used the video monitor part yet since Reina is still in our room but the sock is so helpful. It connects to your phone and alerts you if the sock falls off or if oxygen levels are low!



I had a Medela with Noelia but wanted to switch over to the Spectra for this babe. I heard such great things about Spectra and wanted to give it a try. My Medela was old and I knew it was probably best I replaced it. I have had no issues with the Spectra! I love how the one I use is portable and has a light attached for night pump sessions. The parts are easy to clean, too!




I had this one with Noelia and still love it with Reina. Bottles are an added load of “dishes” everyday to clean so it is nice to have them all in one spot drying.




I used this with Noelia and still use one with Reina. These are great for feedings because it gives your arms a break from holding them! They can also be used for tummy time and to eventually sit up. There are multiple cover patterns to choose from and are all washable.




The bathtub we had with Noelia was AWFUL, or we just didnt use it right. I love that we switched to this one and the baby is able to sit up versus laying down. It is very lightweight and easy to store.




I love how lightweight these ones are. I am not a fan of the ones that fold their arms in or the ones that cover their hands/fingers. It just seems unsafe to me for naps and bedtime. Both my girls love/loved their hands by their face. Reina always sleeps with her hands holding her cheeks or tucked under her chin. ITS PRECIOUS. I have photos of her doing it in ultrasound photos.




During bottle feedings, Reina always spills milk out of her mouth which soaks her clothes. These protect her clothes from getting wet and they are super cute, too!



I put this on Reina a few times a day during diaper changes. It works wonders and does well with taking any redness away! The all natural ingredients are a plus, too!




I cant tell you how many times I have to use this during the week! Baby poops are SAVAGE and when they get on their clothing it will usually stain if you do not treat it right away. There are so many onesies that have gotten ruined because I didn’t tend to it right away! This works 90% of the time. Sometimes the poops are just too ruthless to treat but this will do a great job to get most of it out!



There you have it! I will be sure to update this every 3 months as she grows (I hate saying that!). If there are any other baby posts you would like to see please send those ideas to me! Are there any Newborn must-haves that you swear by? I would love to hear! Comment below.


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my newborn must-haves



  1. LaShea Simmons
    September 14, 2019 /

    I enjoyed reading about you the baby and how life is going 🙂

    • Nicky
      September 15, 2019 /

      Thank you so much for stopping by the blog and reading this post! Motherhood is one of my favorite things to write about.


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