Journey To Clean Beauty with CVS

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Hey, Loves! Wow, it has been a minute since I have been able to hop on here and get a good post up! Mommy life of two is insane, but lets chat more about that later! Today I am so thrilled to be partnering up with CVS to talk to you all about my journey to clean beauty. Growing up I was FASCINATED by watching my mom get ready for the day. She always did her hair first, makeup second, and her outfit of the day last. I remember how I would sit there and stare at her perfecting her infamous cat eye which I to this day do because of her (sorry, Ariana Grande). Even with her flawless makeup routine, nothing fascinated me more than her skincare routine. My mama drilled into my brain from a young age that your skin is the most important thing to take care of next to your body as a whole. Your skin is with you forever!

journey to clean beauty

One of the BIG rules my mama taught me is always, ALWAYS take your makeup off at night. Her line was “if you do not take your makeup off at night you will age a year”. Obviously that line is a stretch but definitely not too far off! She taught me how to care for my skin and to start young. I owe her everything for being the one to help me age flawlessly!

Now that I am a mother (of TWO!) myself, I can definitely see how life can age the skin. Becoming a mother has definitely added a few fine lines to this face but has also made me realize not every product out there is “good” for me. I started getting into clean beauty (and being clean in general) about a year or so ago. After learning what kind of chemicals and toxins are being put into our everyday products it shocked me to do better. I needed to do better not only for me but for my family. It is unfortunate we need to keep a close eye on what is being sold to us but I am thankful for places like CVS that are helping consumers buy clean beauty products.

journey to clean beauty

journey to clean beauty

Here are some of the many clean beauty products you can find at your local CVS! The green clean beauty sticker on all of the products helps you identify which ones are clean, I love that!


Beauty 360 is one of my favorite brands that can be found at CVS. I use the mask once a week to really clean and purify my face. I have a really oily “T-Zone” so I love to use the pore strips twice a week to really clean my pores. It always amazes how much gunk is stuck in my face even after how much I clean and wash it!

When it comes to a healthy and clean beauty routine, all it takes is one step forward in the right direction! Anytime your current products run out that aren’t “clean”, replace them with products that are.


Here is a list of the products shown:

Neutrogena HydroBoost

Beauty 360 Nose Strips


Beauty 360 brighten & soothe peel off mask

Burts Bee’s Chapstick

Yesto Coffee Stick

Yesto Brightening Clay Cleanser

PIXI Glow Tonic

Charcoal and Black Sugar Mask

Dead Sea Minerals Mask

There is nothing more satisfying than feeling confident in the skin you’re in! I cannot stress enough how important it is to start caring for you skin and investing in it. Clean beauty does not have to put a hole in your wallet which is why I am so thankful to CVS for helping the everyday woman care for her skin.


Be sure to watch for the “green sticker” the next time you are in your local CVS store! You can also shop on



This post was written in its entirety by me and all opinions are 100% my own


  1. Patricia Russell
    December 31, 2019 /

    Hello Nicky, Since I met your family at Omaha Christian Center many years ago, knowing more your mom and dad, seeing you as a young girl, you always had a beautiful side to you. I always thought, this girl will make something of herself, first, when I heard you sing, was great, but I knew you had more to offer. Jumping ahead to not seeing you for a few years, you grew into a memorable person, with looks, talent & a sense of not settling for just the ordinary.
    I was so excited when you invited Roger & I to your wedding. Everything that day was spectacular the church setting, beautiful bride, handsome groom, onto a gorgeous wedding reception with fabulous tasting food Etc.
    I had been following your life through F.B. with your 1st baby girl with her different months of her life in flowers etc.
    Moving back to Canada in April 2018, I lost all my F.B. friends, not realizing how many I did not contact, one day I saw Brody on Friends connect, which I did, he responded, was so happy to see you both had a 2nd baby girl, looking thru his F.B. postings, then finding out about your blog, today I read how God’s direction started you with Vida Noel, I know it will be successful, you have charm, beauty, & a smart head on your shoulders.
    Congratulations to all of you in your new adventures. Life is an adventure, in Ecclesiastes there are Seasons in our life, say hello to your mom & dad & your brother.

    • Nicky
      January 2, 2020 /

      Hey Patricia!

      So happy to connect on here! Thank you for reading the blog and for your sweet comment. We are doing well. Much love to you and Roger!


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