Gifts For Him // Under $50

Hello, Beauties! Two posts in one week?! Who am I!? The productive juices are flowing and it helps that Reina has been napping for me so I can get these done! Today I am sharing Gifts For Him Under $50 and I really (really!) like these finds. It is always so hard shopping for the men in my life because I feel like their wants are few and far between and shopping for them just isn’t as fun as for the gals, ha! I really do think I will be utilizing my own gift finds this year. SO. MANY. GOODIES!!


When it comes to those special men in your life, do you like to keep it simple with a few smaller gifts? Or do you splurge with one big electronic type purchase?? I usually do a mixture of both!


Brody is a big fan of the scooped shirt trend. This one is at a super affordable price point and comes in multiple colors!

These joggers are under $30! Every man needs a good pair of lounge joggers!

Brody has a similar charging station and it is so convenient! Everything in one place. He keeps his on his nightstand.

Every woman needs a beard hair catcher for her man! If you clean up after them, you know what I mean! I got one for Brody years ago and he uses it to this day still!

The classic money clip gift!

These rings are perfect if your man is a weightlifter or is a laborer

Brody loves Amino Cuts. Amazon has the product way cheaper than any nutrition store!

I got these Calvin Klein briefs for Brody for our Anniversary (classic gift, I know) and he loves them! So does Mama 😉

I found this mixer bottle on Amazon and I think it is the neatest gift! I have not ordered one, so if you do be sure to let me know if it is worth it!

If you’re man is a heavy litter, this belt is perfect! We have one at our house.

Because everyone needs a pair of cozy house shoes! These are under $40 and come in 3 colors.

The Carhartt brand is on trend right now! Brody thinks it is so funny that it is popular since it is a “working” brand for laborers usually. He wore Carhartt to work in high school! This hat is perfect for a casual day out…or to work ;).

These tech gloves come in multiple colors


Happy Shopping!


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