My 14 Day Native Challenge

my 14 day native challenge

Happy Monday, Readers! The last week of November and Thanksgiving is upon us! How has 2019 come and (almost) gone?! It seems like the 2019 New Year just started! I guess time flies when you were pregnant and welcomed a new baby. There were so many wonderful changes that 2019 brought us and I am so thankful for each and every one! One of those things happens to be what products Brody and I keep in our household and put into our bodies. Today’s post is all about My 14 Day Native Challenge and how it couldn’t have came at a more perfect time!

I started hearing buzz surrounding Native about a year ago. I saw a lot of my fellow influencers posting about the brand and I started to see it being sold at Target. At the time, I did not look too much into Native since I was very happy with my brand of deodorant at the time. One evening when Brody and I were winding down for the evening after Noelia was in bed, we turned on a documentary on Netflix that talked about the toxic (and harmful!) chemicals that are in our everyday products. What was scary is that these products have been given the “O-kay” to be sold to consumers despite the ingredients inside of them being toxic and harmful. We had just found out we were pregnant with Reina Ruby and it really hit me that what I surround myself with in our home and put on my body transfers to her. It really shook me to my core! How could I have been so careless?! To be honest, there are many like myself that have been walking around blind.

my 14 day native challenge

If something is being sold to you on a store shelf, you naively want to think it is “good” for you. Not until I started educating myself on toxins did I ever think that I would have to think twice about what I purchased. When it comes to deodorant, I especially did not think it could be harmful! I mean…it just goes on your armpits so you don’t smell, right?! WRONG! SO much can and will be consumed into your body through your underarms.

Native is free of aluminum, parabens, and sulfates. Native uses ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, tapioca starch, and baking soda.

my 14 day native challenge

I will be honest and say that taking the challenge was in fact a challenge at first. I hate change, especially when it comes to my own little routines. I loved my spray-on deodorant but I knew it was time to start practicing what I wanted to preach; living a toxin-free lifestyle is best! At the start of my challenge the only difference I noticed were my underarms being a tad more moist. I am a very active person so keeping up with my body can be a challenge, too! I never smelled, thankfully!

Native scents are actually some of my favorite. I love the Coconut & Vanilla, Lavender & Rose, and Cucumber & Mint! You can shop these products HERE.

Some people may wonder why the challenge is 14 days long and it is actually because it takes that long to detox. Your body needs at least 14 days to purge itself of the aluminum and other harmful chemicals that remain in your underarm. This gets me thinking…how long does it take for other toxins to purge out??! Kinda scary!

my 14 day native challenge

my 14 day native challenge

Look who I got to start Native, too! The Man himself, Mr. Schmaderer! When implementing a new lifestyle, it is always better to so as a team. We are one unit and want our whole family to see us living the same lifestyle together. I am thankful this man cares about these things like I do!


my 14 day native challenge my 14 day native challenge

My favorites on rotation! 

Wanting to try Native for yourself? Use my code NICKY20 and get 20% off your Native order!I encourage each of you to take the challenge
yourself because I promise you won’t regret it! Switching over to a toxin-
free lifestyle is one switch I will never regret. Native is sure you’ll love their products, and if you don’t, they will fully refund and return your order after 30 days for FREE.


Thank you, Native, for sponsoring this post on Vida Noel! This was written in its entirety by me and all opinions are 100% my own. 



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