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Happy Monday, Loves! I cannot believe we are well into December and so incredibly close to Christmas!! Christmas time is so sweet for our family. Brody is able to be home with us due to Winter Break at his work. As a SAHM this is a GLORIOUS time!! I will always rejoice for help during the day with the girls! If you are a loyal follower and reader you know how much Brody and I strive to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. We want to model this everyday for our girls so that one day they can do the same for their future families! GoodBio is an amazing brand that I am so thrilled & honored to be teaming up with today.

GoodBio is a probiotic and prebiotic that the whole family can use! They come in packs for Women’s Daily, Adult’s Daily, and Children’s Daily. It is non-GMO, preservative free, and gluten free. The pill is easy to take and is especially catered to children by making it chewable and grape flavored. Noelia thinks it is candy which is a win for this Mama! GoodBio helps promote whole body healthy which definitely aligns with Brody and I’s thinking. Each pill contains 50 billion CFU’s (colony forming unit) which is used to estimate the number of viable bacteria or fungal cells in a sample. Each pill contains 12 probiotic strains to help with digestive health. The prebiotics help the probiotics improve your microbiome which is a community of 100 trillion bacteria in your gut. Your gut’s microbiome can be thrown off by stress, diet, lack of sleep, and germs. GoodBio helps the healthy bacteria grow and flourish to help support your overall health!


GoodBio is professionally formulated with the highest quality ingredients. All the capsules are vegetarian and they do not require refrigeration!

Staying on top of your nutrition and overall health can be challenging at first but with the right mindset and diligence anyone can do it! GoodBio is a great, easy start to ensure your health on the inside is well off. You cannot expect things to work well physically if internally you are suffering in some way! Brody and I take this at night before bed as a part of our bedtime routine.


Let GoodBio be the stocking stuffer your loved ones will love this Holiday season!



Thank you, GoodBio for sponsoring this post on Vida Noel! This was written in its entirety by me and all opinions are 100% my own. 

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