Healthy Living Gift Guides

healthy living gift guides

Hey, Dolls! Can you believe Christmas is just a couple weeks away? I have finally kicked my butt into gear and have boughten a few gifts but I definitely need to get more! It is always a scramble over here! I got a request over on my Instagram (@nickyschmaderer_fit) to do a fitness gift guide so I whipped up 3!! These Healthy Living Gift Guides were so much fun to put together, I literally want to buy (or rebuy!) every single item! I decided to break these into 3 categories; gadgets, healthy snacks/supplements, and activewear.




When it comes to fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, there are gadgets that are crucial to your success. I have rounded up my favorites in this guide and go into detail about a few of my absolute MUST HAVES.


FOOD SCALE: A MUST…NON-NEGOTIABLE! When it comes to tracking your nutrition and honing in on your caloric intake, weighing your food is the best way to go!


MEAL PREP CONTAINERS: These are perfect for your daily meals and they stack really well. I love how there are compartments to separate the food!


6 PACK FITNESS BAG: Brody and I have a few of these bags! I would take mine to work with me EVERYDAY. The larger ones can also fit shaker bottles and gym necessities. You are good to go for the entire day!


RESISTANCE BANDS: These are great for leg day and working on glutes! I have shown how to use them on my Instagram TV (@nickyschmaderer_fit).


healthy living gift guides



These are all my favorites! I use some of these daily (collagen, please!). These are all great, healthy snacks for when you are on the go and unable to get a whole-food meal in.



OATS OVERNIGHT:  I tried these for the first time a few weeks ago and wow, HOLY OBSESSED!! These are perfect to have sit in your fridge overnight for a quick, on-the-go breakfast. I used this as a post-workout and it was perfect. The nutrition and ingredients are on point!


PREMIER PROTEIN SHAKES: If you follow along on IG, you have probably seen me share these many times! I love mixing these with Starbucks Espresso shots. It tastes like a Caramel Macchiato!


ISO100: My choice of whey isolate! I honestly haven’t been using much whey for protein shakes lately but this was my go-to when I had a shake after every workout. The taste is so smooth and I love the flavor of Dymatize!


ANCIENT NUTRITION COLLAGEN: I love Ancient Nutrition! I take the collagen pill every morning with my daily vitamin.



healthy living gift guides



Because LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD! That saying is so true! I love wearing cute activewear pieces that are versatile. I honestly wear activewear more than regular clothes now that I am home with the girls! It is a great way to look comfy yet put-together! When it comes to working out, it is no different. If I feel like I am put together I have a better workout. It is not that I want to impress other people…I just want to “show-up” for ME!



CROPPED TEES & HOODIES: I workout in cropped pieces allll the time! I love pairing them with highwaisted leggings.


ADIDAS NMD’s: The comfiest shoe!!


ZELLA LEGGINGS: My first pair of legit highwaisted leggings. I still SWEAR by these and wear them often. After 3 years they still have held up pretty well!


GYMSHARK: I also swear by this brand! Their seamless line is my favorite. I never feel like I have to keep pulling them up or adjusting. They stay in place and keep this Mama-Pooch in place! 😉



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