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Nebraska furniture mart

We are nearing the end of January (already?!) and have you stuck to those health & fitness goals?! Today I am partnering up with Nebraska Furniture Mart to talk about their Fitness offerings they have in store & online! As a Nebraska native, I have shopped at Nebraska Furniture Mart many, many times! It is always a Black Friday favorite of ours and about 80% of my home is furnished in Nebraska Furniture Mart products! It wasn’t until I got into college that I started realizing how much fitness products were also offered at Nebraska Furniture Mart. They have an entire selection and staff ready to help you make the best selection for your goals and lifestyle.


I had the honor of collaborating with Nebraska Furniture Mart last week at their Fitness Expo! It was my second year doing so & the event went great! There were even some people there who attended the class last year so it made me really happy to see them come back! It was so great to connect with everyone; all at different levels of fitness. Some wanted to try something new and some had never worked out before! I was honored to be their first step and it really did inspire me to see those kind of people there. The first step in any journey is the hardest, and I can only pray my words and my workout aided them in continuing their journey!

The poster for the event when walking into the store. I also got to connect with someone who was a fellow Mama that wanted to try something new. She absolutely crushed the workout! 

I led a 50 minute Body Blaster class and boy did I feel it the next day! We had no equipment for the workout, just our bodies. I really hope the workout showed everyone that you can get in a great workout by just utilizing yourself! It is only up to YOU to get in a great workout. YOUR effort is the only thing holding you back! One thing that I wanted to talk to the attendees about was self-love. So many people think fitness is a punishment to our bodies when it is the complete opposite. Like anything in life, it is all about your mindset. Is it punishment or is it love? When you love your body you are willing to do what is best for it. When you love your body you want to workout, you want to eat right, you want to do all the things that will aid you in success. Loving yourself goes beyond outward appearances, but so much more inward. It wasn’t until I learned this for myself that I truly started to love fitness for what it is; an act of self-love! Your body NEEDS to be active. It is not a punishment, it is setting ourselves up to live the best lives! That self-love is what got me through postpartum both times and is what continues to push me forward to motivate and inspire those around me. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Lets keep those cups full!


Below are a few photos we snapped in-store at Nebraska Furniture Mart to show what they offer for you to come and see in person! Be sure to keep reading to see my picks and how I utilize each item.

If you have the space, you cant go wrong with a rack! There are so many things you can do with one. 

Air bike and dumbbells. We have yet to have an air bike in our home but its been on Brody’s Christmas list for about 5 years! 

Kettlebells and their variety of treadmills. We have both in our home! 


Nebraska furniture mart

  1. Medicine Ball– Great for abdominal workouts and hamstrings! I like to lay on my back with my heels on the ball and bring the ball back and forth towards me to blast my hamstrings
  2. Dumbbells– We have a variety of dumbbells in our home
  3. Heavy dumbbell- If you cannot afford to purchases many dumbbells at once, I suggest buying one heavier dumbbell to perform movements with like sumo squats, snatch, clean and jerk, swings, etc.
  4. Kettlebells– this is a great alternate to dumbbells because you can still press with them, row, and swing.
  5. Slam Balls- great for abdominal workouts, wall-balls, and HIIT workouts.
  6. Bosu Ball– Great for balancing exercises
  7. Resistance Bands– I use these often on leg days, but they can also be used to help improve strength in lifts.


Nebraska furniture mart

  1. Row machine – Great for total body. This is also easier on my joints which I love!
  2. Treadmill – I love using treadmills for incline interval training. I am not one to run, but I love using it for HIIT type workouts!
  3. Air Bike – We really want one of these! These are so good at targeting your heart. These definitely blast you!
  4. Rope – I love using ropes on upper body lifting days to really get a good burn after my workout! I alternate rope swings for 15 seconds then slam for 15 seconds. I then rest for 30 seconds then repeat for usually 5-10 rounds.
  5. Jumprope- Great to work your legs and heart!


nebraska furniture mart

  1. Rack -There are so many different things you can do with a rack if you have the space. Invest in a rack with a bar and bumper weights and the possibilities are endless! This is a great investment for Olympic lifting and power movements
  2. Nordic Track- I have heard these are a great option for your home if you are wanting a more “all in one” machine. This one also comes with a screen for guidance and workouts!
  3. Bar– So many exercises can be done with a bar! They are the perfect addition to a rack.
  4. Bumper Weights- We are big fans of bumper weights since they can be dropped


Nebraska furniture mart

  1. Nina Blender – The large blender is great for making thick smoothies and açaí bowls. I have this one and I love using it! The thick blades can cut through anything–I have filled it with frozen fruit before and it blends it all so well! I use the smaller one for smaller smoothies and even blending/pureeing food for Reina.
  2. Fit Bit/Apple Watch -These are great activity trackers! I have heard that the Apple Watch is not the more accurate when it comes to heart rate but does well tracking activity.
  3. Blood Pressure Monitor – Blood pressure is a great way to monitor stress. When stress is high, so will your blood pressure. Stress is a cause for holding onto fat and “plateauing”.
  4. Apple AirPods – My go to headphones! A must for me!
  5. Supplements – These are not sold at Nebraska Furniture Mart, but they are supplements that I put into my smoothies. Here is a typical pre workout shake of mine:



Coffee for taste


Scoop of Collagen Protein

Half a scoop of IsoFlex Protein

1/2 of oatmeal 

Nebraska furniture mart

If you are interested in reading more about my go-to fitness supplements and meals on the go, read this post HERE.


Remember, fitness and living a healthy lifestyle is just that; a lifestyle. It should not be a fad or a quick fix. Getting into it is most definitely overwhelming at first, but I hope that this post was beneficial to you! All it takes is that first step to get started to be the best version of YOU! Xx


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Huge Thank You to Nebraska Furniture Mart for sponsoring this post! This was written in its entirety by me and all opinions are 100% my own. 

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