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The LAST week of January!!! Which means one thing….Valentine’s Day!! Eeeeeeek! So I will be honest, I never was a huge Valentines Day person until I had my girls. Brody and I always acknowledge the day but we don’t get too wrapped up in it. Now that we have Reina and Noelia, fun Holidays like that are even better. I love seeing the excitement in Noelia’s eyes for Holidays and I am sure Miss Reina will love it, too! Today’s post is all about fun (and sexy!) pieces you can wear as a going out look or even a night in with your Hubby to celebrate Love Day ;).  I have teamed up with Yandy to show you some amazing pieces that will have anyone going “oooooh la laaaa”! I am all about showcasing my inner vixen but it has been a journey to get to this point! New Body, New Decade, Same Mama.

inner vixen inner vixen inner vixen

I am wearing the Vinyl Countdown Bodysuit in a size Small

If you all have been following along, you know that I am about 6 months Postpartum. I feel great thankfully, but I definitely have my days where feeling confident and even sexy in my own body is hard. Pregnancy does a lot on our bodies, Ladies and I am the first to admit that the changes get to my head at times. I showed you all on my Instagram some realness a couple weeks ago (on THIS post) and how my tummy skin is still finding its way to its new normal. I had a harder time after Noelia than I did with Reina even though this time around did more damage. With Noelia, I just could not see past the changes or how my body would be after a year. With Reina, I am more relaxed about the process since I can “see the light” but I most definitely still have my days. So many people have called my body a “bounce back” or a “snap back” but I believe there really is no such thing! Yes, I may look “back” to pre-baby Nicky on the outside with clothes on…but so much is different. You really do get a “new” body after each baby and although it can be challenging, the changes are really beautiful.

inner vixen inner vixen

I may have this “new” body, but I am still the same Mama. I love dressing up, I love creating looks with fun makeup, and I love feeling sexy. I love how Yandy pieces are so versatile and can make you feel like the confident woman you should! Plus Brody likes the pieces, too 😉 One of my goals with Vida Noel is to inspire women and Mothers alike that they can still feel confident and sexy at any stage in life. It can be hard to feel sexy after babies but there is nothing more powerful than knowing your body created LIFE and owning every inch of it! You can be a Mother and still feel sexy. I am often inspired by my Mama and the words of wisdom she shares with me always. One of her famous lines is;


“You cannot let yourself go…You cannot lose yourself. Dress up for yourself every day!”

I am wearing the Crystal Sparkling Teddy in a size Small

I am wearing the Jane Mesh Cut Out Teddy in a size Small

Clothes and feeling sexy is so much more than the outward appearance and so much more about the internal. Feeling good about myself on the inside is what I strive for everyday because I know that self-love will only radiate outward. No matter what stage you are at with yourself, know that you are beautiful, radiate, and perfect in every single way. So put on that sexy piece that makes you glow and SHINE BABY GIRL!

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Thank you, Yandy for sponsoring this post! This was written in its entirety by me and all opinions are 100% my own. 

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