New Year, A Better YOU

new year better you

HAPPY 2020, BABES! The roaring 20’s are back, and I am so ready for them! 2019 surely came and left us in a flash. It was such a beautiful year of love and growth for our family. I am even more excited for all the blessings 2020 has for us! So with the start of a New Year…will there be a “better YOU“? This time of year can definitely be a reflective time for many. I am someone who loves to look at where I was a year ago (mentally, physically, emotionally, etc) and see where I am currently. A year ago I was almost 3 months pregnant with Reina Ruby, striving to have a healthy and active pregnancy, and working hard to make Vida Noel my full-time gig. Now that I am looking ahead into 2020 (as a full-time blogger might I add!) there are many resolutions I want to implement. Like many people, I have some physical goals but truly most are for within.

As I look ahead and see how I want my 2020 to go, I want it to be a year of internal transformation. This time of year can be hard for many. I explain a little bit in THIS INSTAGRAM POST (@nickyschmaderer_fit).  Commercials and ads are bombarding you with the idea that NOW IS THE TIME to get “fit”…to lose “those extra pounds”…to “drop it fast”. There is nothing wrong with health and fitness resolutions. I love them! I just personally believe that the current diet culture is sad and quite scary. This is why I am such an advocate for working from the inside OUT. Forming a LOVE for your body so that you may do the things to show it that LOVE. Eating right, staying active, mental health…it is all an act of LOVE for your body that only you can give!

new year better you

Do you have any health & fitness resolutions? Mine are to take time with my postpartum body. I was quick to think I needed to “bounce back” after Noelia. With Reina, I am taking all the time in the world when it comes to stricter eating. I just really want to love the woman staring back at me in the mirror! I also want to do things physically that I have never done before. When I was approached by Village Pointe in Omaha to come and partake in a CycleBar class, I was SO excited! I knew there were also other new tenants to checkout at Village Pointe so I made a day out of it!


CycleBar West Omaha is a new tenant in Village Pointe. I have always admired those that take cycling classes because it seemed like a lot of work! After going to my first class, I can confirm that IT IS! If you have been following along over ON INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE, you will see that I love the weights! I am one that usually shys away from cardio so this was a true challenge for me! You know what? I LOVED IT. The owners were so incredibly kind and helpful with my Mom and I. Yes, Ivonne came with me! Dwight and Emily explained the class and how it would run. They were also kind enough to help us into the cycling shoes and connect us into the bikes. Emily taught the class and that girl ROCKED IT. I mean, Wow! Can I have that energy all the time?! She was amazing and really kept the class upbeat and intense! You could tell all the other cyclers enjoyed having her as their instructor. She was fabulous!


After the workout. We were a little tired, ha!

My Mom had such a blast. She doesn’t do classes often and she was so grateful she was able to come and see what the class was all about with me! We want to make this a Mommy/Daughter “thing” every month! I can see now why cycling is so loved–it really is such an adrenaline rush!

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new year better you

new year better you

On Pointe Nutrition is also a new tenant at Village Pointe. First off, the aesthetic was STUNNING and the staff was so friendly. They were so knowledgeable on all the shakes and teas and the benefits that came with each one. It really is exactly what Village Pointe needed; a healthy, delicious shake on-the-go! I don’t know about you, but when I am power shopping the last thing I am thinking about is stopping for a meal! Their shakes are a meal in itself which makes for the perfect shopping day grab ‘n go! They are also right around the corner from Cyclebar so anyone that trains there can easily grab a quick post-workout shake after. Genius! I opted for the Brownie Batter shake and the Pineapple Crush tea. YUM!!



So I will be honest, I have never owned an Athleta set before! How did I go all 27 years without their pieces??! The moment I tried this set on I looked at Brody and mouthed “I. LOVE. THIS”. The material is so soft and stretchy. It gets my stamp of squat approval, too!! The staff was also very friendly in helping me find the right sizing. They were all very knowledgeable on what set would be the best for my lifestyle and they were so right! I love how Athleta also carries girl sizes. Next year Noelia will be able to fit in the clothes ! Mommy and Me look, soon?! 🙂

I am wearing a size SMALL in the top and EXTRA SMALL in the bottoms




TradeHome Shoes is also a new tenant in Village Pointe. It is located right by the Apple Store and is FILLED with amazing shoes. They had all the popular brands including many new Adidas styles. I chose the Adidas Kaptir X and I have worn them everyday since. The staff was super helpful in my selection and was beyond friendly! Brody hit if off with some of the workers discussing shoes and football. Shocker there ;)!

new year better you

In Adidas, I size down a half size. I am wearing a size 7 and they fit perfectly!

All of these places are perfect spots to kickstart your 2020 health and fitness goals. Again, I believe it is about working from the inside outward and forming a love for your body. Small steps everyday lead to big steps and changes. Remember, we are all in this together! Connect with those around you that you can confide in to help you reach your goal. The staff I met at each of these stores were so kind and knowledgeable. There is no doubt in my mind that people like Dwight & Emily wouldn’t be your biggest cheerleaders as you take a cycle class, or the staff at On Pointe in teaching you about the nutrition in their shakes, and of course the staff at TradeHome and Athleta who are there to help you look good to feel good! Let’s do this together, okay? One step at a time! Xx


Thank you, Village Pointe in Omaha, Nebraska for sponsoring this post! This post was written in its entirety by me and all opinions are 100% my own. 

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