Let’s Talk Skin // My Journey To Self Love


Let’s talk SKIN…but like the deep kind. The kind that makes you who you are. I talked briefly over on my Instagram a couple weeks ago on THIS POST about my past experiences when it came to self-love. I wanted to get deeper with you guys on this topic so I figured a post like this would be perfect. I am still a woman who is striving to love herself fully every single day but it has been a long, hard road to get to where I am now.


I have always struggled with self-image. I remember being young and staring at myself in the mirror and nitpicking the God-given features I have. “My nose could be smaller, my lips could be smaller, my eyes could be less boring…my skin could be more even…”. I remember having thoughts like this as young as 5. 5….think about it. Why is a 5 year old thinking of this already? I am not sure why either…but the culture of advertisements and what is proclaimed as “beauty” at the time must have gotten ahold of my reality. I remember it as clear as today. I was in elementary school when a boy made a comment about my backside. I remember him saying “its so big” in comparison to the other thin railed girls I was surrounded by. I was never heavy, but I have always had curve. Lets just say it really hurt. Those words would hurt anyone…but they are words a young elementary aged girl shouldn’t be hearing and it stuck with me. Years later in middle school the same scenario happened but it was about my lips. I always would hear snarky remarks on how big my lips were. My latin features suddenly became shameful to me. I would disguise my lips in face makeup so they would appear smaller. I rarely filled them with color and this followed me all through high school. It’s sad, isn’t it? That a few hurtful remarks can really hurt someone to their core. I often think what school will be like for my daughters and I am afraid it will be worse. But you know what? Because I have had these experiences I am even more confident in my mission to raise strong young women that know their worth is not in the eyes of others.


Flash forward to today and I love my features. I truly do! My lips are what others pay for and I would like to say the curve of my body is something I am proud of. If you have ever met my Mother you would see why I take pride in who I am and what I look like. My Mama is from Chile, a South American country that extends from the Atacama Desert to the Glaciers. My Mama has always been beautiful to me. I remember watching her do her makeup and caring for her skin and thinking “can I look like that someday?” The body and features that I have are hers and I will forever take pride in them. Yes, words can hurt. But overcoming those words is where the sweet stuff is.


Let’s Talk Skin

Now that I am 27 (cringgggge) taking care of my skin is a must. Caring for your skin is self-love…it is the only layer you will have! I am thankful that I have always been a person that rarely drank alcohol which is huge when it comes to skincare. (YES, LADIES! Be careful with those drinks!!) I have also never smoked tobacco or e-cigarettes (its all BAD). Aging starts to take place in your early 20’s and getting on a great skincare routine is a must! Below are products by TULA that I have been using and have done really well for me.

Tula is made with probiotics and superfoods. Their products are clean and backed by science. You can use my code NICKYS to save 15% off TULA products from Tula.com


Kits and Pills

The Necessities


Skin care is an investment, but an investment that gives back. Your body is the one thing that you will never regret investing in!


Love yourself today and always. 

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