Current Skincare Favorites

current skincare favorites

Hey, Dolls! JUNE is right around the corner and this Mama is pumped for Summer! Nebraska has opened (most) of it’s doors so I have all the hope our Summer will be a bit better than our Spring. Thanks, COVID ;). Today I wanted to organically chat with you all about skincare! I don’t touch too much the beauty world but I do find that skincare has personally become much more important to me! I have used a lot of different skincare products but lets chat about my current skincare favorites! 


Skincare is one of those things where you don’t realize how important it is until you see undeniable signs of …dare I say it? AGING. UGH, hate saying that. I have always had a mini skincare routine–a little moisturizer here and there, wash of the face, mask here and there, this serum, that serum, but never anything truly set in stone with a purpose. Ever since I became a Mama, the things that I brushed off before are very important to me now. I used to sunless tan allll the time. I started when I was 16 and was addicted to it well into adulthood. I honestly still struggle with it! It feels good to be tan, right? I love laying in the sun so naturally laying in “fake” sun made me feel good. The color of my skin that came with it was an added bonus! My Mama was right, though, all that tanning catches up with you and I see it. I have more freckles, rougher skin in some areas, and facial expression lines that I cant wait to drown in Botox, ha! Jokes set aside, your 20’s really are the years to protect your skin with purpose.


current skincare favorites

My pregnancies and breastfeeding both girls did not help my skin much, either. I got horrible breakouts for my first and second trimesters with both girls. Breastfeeding makes my skin unpredictable and sometimes unmanageable. Each week I truly have to roll with the punches! There are a lot of products I have to stay clear of until breastfeeding is over (retinol being one of them). It can be frustrating but I know it is just the season of life I am in. Best believe I am secretly counting down the predicted days until I can have Botox again ;). Below I am highlighting some products that have been doing well for me!


Current Skincare Favorites



I discovered Tula a few months ago and have become a huge fan of this brand. Their products are light and filled with probiotics and super foods. Brody also uses Tula and has great success with his skin! We both have combination skin and struggle with small breakouts and oily areas. I do have a code with Tula and it is NICKYS for 15% off your order!

I especially love their Cult Classic face wash, 24/7 moisturizer, Face Filter primer, and their SPF. 

#TULApartner #EmbraceYourSkin



I was able to be gifted a few Farmacy products to try and they are now a part of my everyday skin routine! I love their eye cream and Honeymoon Glow. Their products also feel very light on my skin.


Dr. Dennis Gross

Now that breastfeeding is slowing down (sad to say!), I will be incorporating these facial peels into my routine a few days a week. These are great to renew the skin and get a nice, deep clean!



I never used to use a scrubber when I washed my face and I am so disappointed in my laziness! They work sooo well for my skin! Sometimes my day is crazy and I will have to workout when my face is full of makeup or when it is really humid in our home gym. Facial scrubbers are great to get into those deep areas and get all the build up out. I also love using extractors for hard to conquer blackheads.


Self Tanner

current skincare favorites

I cant live without my self tanner! I love being tan, remember?! These drops are great. I get the medium shade and mix with any body lotion I have at home. I do not put it on my face. I don’t like the way it looks under my makeup.



This is an area I struggle in. I used to be sooo good at getting my gallon of water in every day. After I started staying home with the girls, it became a lot harder on me. I am not longer stuck to one small area. I am now all over the house, up and down the stairs, in and out of each room…you get the picture!

current skincare favorites

I hope you enjoyed my picks! Remember, skincare products are so unique to everyone. What works for me may not work for you and vise versa. I have also heard that your skin can get “used” to products over time and they no longer can hold the same results. Who knows if that is actually true! When it comes to skin, investing in it is important. I used to get caught up on the price of some products but it is now something that is non-negotiable! Our skin is worth our time and money, ladies!


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